SOLD! - Green emitter thrower for sale - US only

For sale: $25 via Paypal, US only. First "I'll take it" followed by PM/payment gets it.

<Edited to add> Light is being offered for sale outside this thread as well, so this offer may be retracted without warning. No agreement is final until confirmed via PM with me.

Up for sale is a modded unbranded Dongrui All-920. This light has the pill modded to accept a standard 17mm driver as outlined here:

The light has a Nanjg 105c with two of the 7135s removed for a drive current of 2.1A, and a green XR-E emitter that is being seriously overdriven at that level, so I can't guarantee the life of the emitter. The emitter was Fujiked into the pill and has heat sink compound on the threads but it's not the best design for thermal transfer.

This light has a ~40mm aluminum reflector resulting in a tight hotspot as shown in the shot below. Nanjg driver has been configured for 2-mode high/low operation.

Any questions, please post!

Sweet mod! Surely somebody needs this light!

I’m interested.

What is a green emitter used for? Is it just not as blinding when you turn it on for your eyes?

Edit: Night vision. Makes sense.

In fear of wanting night vision goggles, ill probably pass on this hah.

For now.

Actually it’s not used in conjunction with night vision goggles. Green is used by hunters because one, it doesn’t mess with your night adapted eyes like a white light can and two, because animals don’t see the light. This lets you spot varmints like coyotes or rabbits without them being aware that they are being spotted by you.

Since I've not gotten any bites here, I'm going to offer this light for sale in person at my location.

Any face-to-face agreement will get this light if I can't check this thread at the time to see if there were other takers first...

i’ll take it!!!