SOLD: GT Mini, Andúril, 5000K XP-L HI, USA & PayPal

I own several pocket throwers and this one doesn’t get much use. Time to find it a new home.

Excellent condition. Carried for only a couple of hours.

Small blemish on the body and switch retaining ring near the 3 o’clock position.

I swapped the emitter to an XP-L HI 5000K. I didn’t care for the stock 4000K emitter.

I reflashed the driver with ToyKeeper’s excellent Andúril UI and disabled the ‘boundary blinks.’

SOLD for $48 $35 including First Class shipping. USA and PayPal only.

I don’t have the original box or spare o-rings.

Click photos to embiggen.

Price lowered to $44.


I disabled the ‘blink’ that occurs when hitting the top/bottom of the ramp or when the driver is switching to the FET.

It’s a compile-time option for Andúril, so the boundary blinks can’t be re-enabled without reflashing the driver.

On a multi-channel driver, there is a “Boundary” where the driver changes from one channel to another. For instance, there is usually a 1x7135 channel, and for all the modes that can be covered by that, the driver will use only that channel. When you call for a mode that is more than 350mA, then the driver switches to another channel, like the FET or the middle channel, which will have some other number of 7135 chips greater than one.

For the Andúril firmware, TK put code in to flash the LED a little when the driver hit a boundary. What this does is allow the user to stop ramping at that point and have a 100% PWM output for efficiency.

Price lowered to $35 including First Class shipping.

You’re not playing fair. I’m trying to forget that I’d love to have this light. I keep telling myself that I don’t ‘need’ it, and that it’s not in my budget. But you keep lowering the price! :open_mouth:

I’ll take this please.

Great! PM incoming…

Thanks, Magbrite, for saving me from myself (and my wife! :open_mouth: ) by purchasing this great light. I know I’m gonna regret not getting it, but I just can’t justify it.

+1 :sunglasses:

Sold and shipped!

Thanks, Magbrite! :+1: