[SOLD] GT4, Q8 Pro, LT1, and more

All flashlights are in mint, like-new condition, only used around the house (never daily carried or used in a rugged manner). Instruction manuals, spare o-rings, and charging cables are included. 30Q’s are unprotected button tops.

Lot 1 - $299 $249

Lumintop GT4 (5000k) + 8*30Q + shoulder strap

Lot 2 - $199 $149

Sofirn Q8 Pro (6500k) + diffuser + 4*30Q
Sofirn LT1 (2700k-5000k) + soft case + hard case + 4*30Q
Wurkkos TS21 (4000k) + pocket clip + 21700
Wurkkos HD15 (5000k) + headband + pocket clip + 18350 tube + 18650
Csteboke SC31T SE (5000k) + pocket clip + 18650
Csteboke Bike Light (4500k/6500k) + mounting bracket + internal battery
Go Zebra Dive Light (5300k) + 18650
Olight i3e EOS (uses AAA battery)
Olight X9R CELL + battery

If both lots are taken together, take $50 off. If you’d like an extra Q8 or SP36 diffuser, I can throw them in too (I have a few extras). I also have some magnets for converting flat top batteries to button top. Let me know if you want some.


Prices reduced.

How much extra shipped to Canada?

Shotgun! Pmd on the second lot

PM sent for lot #1.

You have mail.

Both lots sold. Thank you to everyone for your interest.

Just read that, that GT4 was really interesting, i just came here to see what you were selling.
Maybe update the Topic with the addition [SOLD] ?

Thanks for the GT4! The case and light appear as new. I use it often, and I dont think that will change any time soon. Its an amazing light with proper heat sinking that continues to impress with each use.

Alright. Funny story. I remember you specifically saying that if I had the instruction booklet for the GT4, you would like to have it. Well, I was moving furniture recently and discovered the booklet, that I was sure I had sent to you, underneath my hutch. The only explanation I can think of, because I had just laid the instruction booklet inside the Apache case, is that upon closing the case, the gust of air shot the booklet out and across the room. I was baffled when I picked it up. Felt like a horror movie, where you throw the cursed item in a river only to return home, where it sits on the table, dripping ominously.

I’d be happy to throw it in an envelope if you’d still like to have it.

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Haha! Its good to hear from you again. Thanks for reaching out. The gust of air must have been an omen, warning you not to sell the light! Ive lost important documents in the space behind my glove compartment door under similar circumstances. It took me forever to figure out their secret hiding spot.

Ive recently been finding all sorts of flashlight related stuff that magically disappeared. I tried to blame the dog, but he has excellent night vision and has no interest in such things.

Yes, I would like to have the instruction manual. Do you still have my address?