-Sold- Jaxman E2L Triple XP-L2 w/Fet+1 $55

I would like to sell a Jaxman E2L that I built. It has 3 x XP-L2 4000k leds and a fet+1 driver with bistro. I’m asking $55 shipped US, which is the cost of parts plus shipping. There’s nothing wrong with the light…I’m just not a fan of warm white…didn’t expect it to be as warm as it is.

tempting…but also not sure about the tint. beamshots?

5000k Nichia 319AT Left & 4000k XP-L2 Right

I’ll take it. PM incoming.



wow that’s warm!

I just put together a convoy s2+ triple 319AT last night so that’s a good comparison. thanks.