***Sold*** Jetbeam E3P & Neutral Trustfire F23 (w/ clip) ***Sold***

I am looking to sell some of my less used lights. The E3P is in excellent condition, has a simple two mode interface and a forward clicky switch. The Trustfire F23 is modded with a neutral XP-E R2 4D-tint and a op reflector, it is in very good condition and includes a nice deep carry pocket clip (ultrafire a2 clip).

Two of the most beautiful lights around, the real one and its AAA budget counterpart.

Oh so very tempted, except the concept of not spending any more money on torches really should mean no more for me.

for someone in europe .. it's a nice offer

surprised they aren't snatched up .. the jetbeam wasn;t a cheap light ...very pretty lights

They're already sold ;).

even the aurora? ive been looking at that for a while

Nice buy!! the jet beam has such a solid feel for an AA.

The E3S feels seriously solid, while the E3P has the throwy beam.

Too late. :P Early bird and all....

Yes, that one is now gone. Though I have another aurora SH290 w/ gitd tail and forward clicky that I had planned to keep, but I'll entertain offers. PM me if you are still interested.