SOLD July 2013: 3rd gen. AA Eneloop limited Japanese edition $30 (including worldwide shipping)

For all Eneloop models, please see THIS thread.


1 pack of 8xAA eneloop disney 3rd generation limited edition $32 $30 including worldwide Economy Airmail shipping from japan. SOLD...

Selling 1 pack of 8xAA eneloop disney 3rd generation special edition $29 including worldwide Economy Airmail shipping from Japan

1 set of 8xAA eneloop ROUGE tones, 3rd generation special edition $29 including worldwide Economy Airmail shipping from Japan

Selling also 4 0 pack of Eneloopy battery testers with 2 batteries and a charger.$34 $30 including worldwide Economy Airmail shipping from Japan

And lastly 1 pack of Panasonic Evolta Rainbow colors, special edition $27 including worldwide Economy Airmail shipping from Japan

All packs are new and in box. unopened.

Shipping will be done by Economy Air Mail, which takes 2-3 weeks, from Japan to the US, and EU countries.

Price is including shipping,

Add 2USD for normal Airmail, this usually takes about 1 week to main US cities and most EU countries.

Add 5USD for tracking number I WILL NOT REFUND when any mishaps occur during shipping, buy at your own risk.

I will also NOT send it as a gift.

And if you are not sure whether your country accepts Economy Airmail from japan, please send me a PM. Airmail to some countries is more expensive, so if you have any questions about the price, packaging, shipping or whatever, please send me a PM.

Post: I`ll take it , and let me know WHAT you want, with a prompt PM for payment details.

1 eneloopy set sold… 3 left

Trustworthy seller is anyone is considering buying any batteries.
Very tempted on the Evoltas but I have around 30 unopened packets of LSD batteries here…
Good luck with the sale.

Thanks Ezarc!
30 packets? wow… that are sets of 8?

5 x 8 packs, most of them are 4 packs and a few 2 packs.

I also ordered another 10 packs of eneloops… 4 Rouge and 6 white Disney love… but not for myself, but to sell here on BLF

Maybe its just me, not really liking Disney theme :stuck_out_tongue:

But tempted on the Eneloopy set, never have one of that :slight_smile:

Well having said, if anyone looking for these limited runs Eneloop pack, please get it from ChibiM, very nice & trustworthy seller, my battery pack received in nice condition from him :beer:

Good luck with the sale !

I understand.. but I have a daughter who likes watching Mickey Mouse, so can`t go wrong with some mickey batteries ;)

The white disney ones are actually pretty nice!
I don`t have any of the newest Disney ones though.

but soon they will be hard to get, when eneloop switches to Panasonic branding.

wonder what will happen with Eneloopy...
maybe it will get another brother/sister.. something like this;

I must confirm, I got those white love & love from ChibiM, my favorite batteries :)

P.S. ChibiM, do you have some genuine, new Eneloop 4 x charger (without batteries) for sale?

Wow, are they new or customised?

Hi Sirius, sorry, no chargers…
there are a few Eneloop chargers, and I`m not sure which one is the better one.
it seems like there are about 4+ versions

customized! only seen them on the net.

1 sold, 1 SPF,
2 left

Added 4 sets of eneloop rouge tones

Eneloopy sets are taken!

Bump, still 4 sets Rouge, 1 Disney, 1 Evolta rainbow

After all, still 1 eneloopy set available.
(double post on cpfm)

1 set Eneloop Disney HR-3UTGB-8D
4 sets Eneloop ROUGE HR-3UTGB-8R
1 set Panasonic Evolta Rainbow

will put them on cpfm soon, when nobody is interested.

2 sets of Rouge SPF for strick9

Reduced price on the Eneloopy… now only $32…for one set including charger and 2 batteries, see pics in OP.

also still available.
1 Disney
2 Rouge
1 Evolta Rainbow.

fyi: All batteries are now also on cpfm


Just letting you guys know that the traditional Eneloops are game over today!

Panasonic is now starting to sell them under their Panasonic brand.

Still having: All prices reduced:

1 Disney black/red now for $31
2 ROUGE now for $31 each
1 set of Eneloopy with charger and 2 AA`s for just $31

1 Panasonic Evolta AA LSD nimh for $29

All prices are including shipping worldwide!
Get them before they are gone and hard to get!
these are limited editions.