SOLD Maglight 2AA Cut Down. Now 1x14500 (Now Polished) light with a 3-up Nichia & TIR optic. Ship Anywhere


This is a cut down 2AA Maglite. It takes one 14500 and it has a 3-up parallel star, with 3 Nichia 219's on it. It has two TIR optics. A clear one and a frosted one. The copper heat sink weighs in at 24 grams and that's about 1.5 times the weight of the head.




I Polished this light and added a Copper trim ring where the seam was. It comes with the Holster and both the Clear & Frosted TIR optics. Now I like it!

This is DD - Direct drive and just a twist of the head turns it on and off. The 14500 I used for figuring OAL of the battery compartment, is a Saft 3v and it measures the same as an AA Alkaline. If you use unprotected cells, you will need a magnet to make the OAL work for you. Protected should work, but I know there are differences from mfg to mfg and battery to battery.


Price is $45 USD CONUS and $50 USD International

Payment is PayPal valleau (insert the @ sign here)

First person posting "I'll take it" here, followed by payment and a PM to me, with your full name and address, will get the light.



This is a hard choice, a OL triple light or a camera with manual settings. If only I won the lottery... ;)

Its xmas. Buy the camera on credit card and Pay Pal the light. No Problem. There has been some very generous give away's from Old-Lumens. One good deed deserves another. (Smiley face).

I'll wait and see how much it goes for in 4.5 hours and maybe I'll get it. Might as well give some other people a chance at it.

I want this light so bad but I also want a bunch of other lights too!

Can you guesstimate the brightness of this light? I’m wondering how bright direct drive is.

It really depends on the battery. If you used an IMR 14500 you may be able to get 500 lumens out of it. (My estimate, not OLs) While this may not seem impressive keep in mind this is a 14500 light and that is all hi-CRI goodness. ;)

Agreed, it depends on the battery. Direct drive with a single 14500 would not necessarily give out a bunch of lumens. If the battery can push 4-5 amps, then the leds can see close to full potential, but only for a very short time.

IMRs would probably be the way to go for the most lumens, but again, it's not going to be a 1,000 lumen light (unless it sells in china). I would expect 250-300 lumens on a lesser 14500 and as scaru said, possibly 500 lumens on a fresh IMR.

I updated this light and turned it into a polished light. Now it looks good.

I’ll take it. Sending PM and PP. Thanks

I haven’t logged in for a little while. The first thing I see when I do is this beauty. I really liked the 2 x AA mag mod with a xml 5c I bought from you a few months ago. I think I’ll like this one a bit more because I love the power and efficiency of Li-ion and the look of the Nichia’s. This ought to put out some real nice light running 3 of them direct drive with a mix of frost and clear optics. I’m real happy I caught this tonight. Looking forward to seeing it in person.

Rats! I wanted a Nichia light so badly, but I had to pass the first time around because it was so darned ugly. Now it’s a beauty, and I missed it.


Thank you very much.

Nice rabbit. OL’s magic hat pulls one out again.

I received the light today, and man its nice. I put in a freshly charged 3.7v 14500 li-ion and it is bright. I compared it to my brightest nichia 219 which was my p60 drop-in running off a 18650 at 1.5 amps in my solarforce l2t. Judging by eye I would say this 3-up is at least twice as bright. So its about half the size and twice as bright. I tend to favor floody lights so I installed the extra flood lens you provided. Its a great little light. It fits in the pocket nicely. I was going to do a runtime test but it started to get a bit warm and I’d hate to screw it up my first night with it. I’m sure it can take the heat though with all the copper heat sinking you built into it. I have the nichia 219 bug and this is a great addition to my small collection. Thanks OL for a great little light.

I am very glad you like it and that the 219 bug has bitten someone once again. I hope Cree gets on the stick and turns out some 90+ CRI XM-L leds sometime.

The problem with any high CRI emitters I've seen from Cree is that they are yellow. Yuck! If they could keep them as wonderfully neutral as the Nichia I'd change my tune. Maybe Nichia can come up with a new 219 with the output of an XM-L or at least of an XP-G2.

All of the last batch I got from IS were more white. It was noticeable to me (the beam was). The older ones were more yellow. I felt like the new ones were a different bin, but I don’t know enough to swear to it. I can see the die is visibly lighter yellow than the older batch I had.

I ran the Nichia lights that I got from you past my sphere ’o many mysteries. The earlier ones (B&D lantern and the rechargeable) are around 4400K-4600K. The Maglights are around 3900K-4000K. The lights that I built from 3x219 stars are around 4100K. It looks like there were some tint bin differences in the batches from Illumination Supply.

The 219 in my P60 drop in from customlites is warm compared to the nichia’s I bought from IS a few months ago and the ones in this 3-up which are pretty much white. At first I thought I overheated the led and shifted the tint to the cooler side when I reflowed a IS nichia onto a xpg star Old lumen style when I did my headlight build. But now I’m sure there are a few tints of the 219 out there. I prefer the cooler (white) ones myself. I don’t think there is any lose of CRI with the cooler tint and I think they light things up more accurately, white things look white and not yellowish.