Sold March 2013; Eneloop AA special editions: Uomo, Disney and Chocolat $32

Went shopping for a pack of batteries, but bought a few extra packs for you.

Only for BLF members with 25 posts or more.

Write: I'll take it, plus name of batteries and number of packs,

followed by a prompt PM for payment details.

1x 8pack AA Eneloop UOMO tones $32 worldwide shipping (SPF for K)

1x 8pack AA Eneloop Chocolat tones $32 worldwide shipping (SPF for Iron Potato)

2x 8pack AA Eneloop Disney $32 each, worldwide shipping SPF for cateyes.




Please read before ordering!

Only for members with a minimal post count of 25
Batteries will be sent from Japan, edit1; Economy Airmail.
After I ship the batteries, No Returns!
I will not be responsible for any problems during shipping, and therefore will not refund if batteries don`t arrive.
Prices are including handling, shipping, paypal fees, currency conversion etc.
I will also not send it as a gift.

edit2: Some countries can`t use Japanese Economy Airmail, but only normal Airmail, which adds $2.50 to the price.
If you are not sure if your country accepts Japanese Economy Airmail, send me a PM

Registered (tracking number) shipping add $5.

Hi ChibiM,

I’ll take it.

1x 8pack AA Eneloop UOMO tones $32 worldwide shipping (on hold for the moment)

1x 8pack AA Eneloop Chocolate tones $32 worldwide shipping

PM Sent !

Someone enlighten me please. Other than the wrapper, What’s so special about these eneloops at $4 a piece?

Special editions maybe!
Difficult to get your hands on maybe!
Limited runs maybe!
Just no cheaper place to get them maybe!

Is your problem the 4bucks a piece (after all cost) or is it that your question isn’t actually a question?
If you are more specific with your question, I can possibly answer it.

Iron potato, sorry, but the UOMOs are SPF,
Waiting for my Paypal account to get back working again.

I will reserve the Chocolat Tones for you!

Ok sure, hope can get UOMO AA & AAA set soon in very near future, from you of course :wink:

Just to confirm, thanks to ChibiM I now have a limited disney love & love edition, about 20% cheaper than any plain white eneloops in local stores :smiley:
not to mention that there is no one selling these limited editions in my country…

for me it is a way to be sure that they are genuine fresh 3rd generation eneloops directly from Japan :stuck_out_tongue:

и куде нас у Македонију (Куманово) никој не продава овакви, све су од прву и втору генерацију и коштав повише :stuck_out_tongue:

O, поздрав за Македонија :stuck_out_tongue:
(greetings to my neighbours :slight_smile: )

Hi ChibiM

Do you still have AA Eneloop Chocolat tones?


A little update…
Paypal needed some documents for my Identification…
now they are going to send me a special PIN number, that I have to use to de-activate my paypal account so I can receive payments again.
This can take a few days… unfortunately…
How I wished I didnt have to use paypal.

Some batteries are spoken for;

  • UOMO`s are SPF for K
  • Chocolat tones are SPF for Ironpotato

The following batteries are still available;

  • Disney (2 packs)

You are not making this easy :P

Hi Sirius9, you know my address :wink:

funny you said: You are not making this easy,
because I thought the exact same about Paypal the last few days… they are not making it easy :wink:

I wonder if more people encountered this Identification problem with Paypal.

2 Disney packs SPF for cat eyes!

Sorry, no they were already reserved for ironpotato.


Selling Pork Fat

Singapore Police Force

Sun Protection Factor


Sold Pending Funds

aaaa, even google doesn't know that one :)

I think it’s pretty much online forum lingo…