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I've been working on several large builds over the last month or two but potter mindlessly on micro mags while waiting for parts or patience. As always these end up in one of these threads looking for new homes. This batch, like the last, feature a combination of the nichia 219c on triple noctigon and Wight's single sided FET +7135 driver.

This combination uses direct drive off a high drain 14500 cell and the low forward voltage of the nichia 219c emitter to drive a triple to over 8 amps or a single at 6 amps on turbo at start up. The triple will quickly drop to around 7 amps at 30 seconds and the single will reach 5.4 amps in the same time period. After the initial quick amp drop there is around four to five minutes of run time before the light gives a low voltage warning when the battery reaches 3 volts. The battery is only providing about an amp to the emitters by time the low voltage protection kicks in.

The triples feature the advantage of a dual channel driver to create a true firefly mode of about half a lumen (estimated in comparison to a D25A on firefly mode). Additional features include a 90 second turbo timer as a safety to prevent damage to flashlight/flesh, a four mode user interface (Moon-Low-Med-Turbo) with off time memory, a tailcap spring bypass mod to reduce resistance, and carclo narrow spot frosted optics. My micro mags are all built as described here excepting that I use aluminum heatsinks instead of copper. I estimate around 2000 lumens at start up and around 1700 at 30 seconds based on testing by Djozz. Turbo should still be giving a couple hundred lumens when the low voltage warning flashes.

The single emitter micro is built nearly identically to the one described here. Modes/turbo timer,spring bypass are the same as the triples. Calculated output should be around 900 lumens at start dropping to about 875 at 30 seconds.

The black triple without a tailcap is worth a small section of it's own. The guts in the head are built just the same as any triple micromag but I decided to do something a bit different with tube/tailcap. The tube was cut in the usual place for rejoining but the rear piece was discarded in favor of the forward piece. A brass plug with a spring soldered to it was pressed into the new tail. The battery must now be loaded through the front of the tube.

I made a mirror!!!


60 yards to the sugar house.

This is the single on turbo a yard from the wall.

BTW this is what happened to my bar top when I was checking amp draw after 30 seconds. I had the light tipped slightly towards me to let out some of the heat,hence the uneven scorching.

Price includeing CONUS shipping is $63 each. International buyers pay additional shipping.

First reply followed by PM gets the light of their choice. The black light is sold.

My paypal address is

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Very, very nice lights.

Not like this guy needs any endorsements around here but I’ve got one of these little lights he built and its awesome! It’s a steal at that price.

How much for shipping the silver triple to Western Australia, 6155?

I’ll bite! I am even local!
PM incoming. Thanks

Looks like $11.50 extra, Call it $74.00 total.

Interested in one of the shorter triple versions.

If you meant the black unit with the shiny brass plug, than that one has sold. I can build you one just like it if you wish.

Yes, that is the one. These are just head twisty lights or is there a button? I don't have one of these maglights. Thanks!

Any 14500 recommendations?

I recommend Windyfire high drain cells from Mountain Electronics. I know there is "fire" in the name but they perform well in reviews and in my lights. And Richard doesn't sell junk. I've sent you a PM.

Cool, thanks! PM seemed not to come through yet. I'm refreshing my inbox.

These look great, as usual.

Excellent work!

Ha. I was playing with mine earlier tonight. I bought a hunter green one from him. One of my ‘finer’ lights, and a real WOW light!!! Yes, great price as I recall paying $75 for mine, or $80, but I had him add a flashy mode and include a cell. Highly recommend these.

Super sweet lights! :heart_eyes:

I appreciate all the kind comments folks,these have sold.