SOLD Micro mags for sale! SOLD

Up for the sale are the latest wee beasties to emerge from the kyfishguy workshop (kitchen table). These are all cut down to 1AA size via the human lathe method and have had the heads bored out to accept a 3/4 inch aluminum heatsinks and other internals. All draw enough amperage so only IMR 14500s should be used. All drivers are the A17DD-S08 direct drive driver set for 4 modes (Moon-L-M-H) in ascending order with off time memory.

The purple mini has an XP-G2 R5 1A emitter on noctigon under a 20mm aluminum OP reflector and 22mm AR lens from The heatsink is a chunk of aluminum rod hollowed out to accommodate a driver and plastic insulating/mounting ring inside. This light draws 4.5 amps on a fresh battery. Beamshot below.

The blue mini has triple XP-G2 S2 3C emitters on noctigon under a carclo 10511 narrow frosted tri-optic. The build process for this light is nearly identical to the one in this thread except I used an aluminum heatsink for this build. This light draws 6.3 amps on a fresh IMR 14500. Beamshot below.

The gray mini has an XM-L2 emitter of unknown bin and tint under a 15 degree TIR optic. The beamshot below shows the tint is closer to neutral than cool white. Like the first light, the heatsink is hollowed out to accept the driver and insulating ring. This light draws 3.25 amps on a fresh IMR 14500. Beamshot is below.

Price includeing CONUS shipping is $60 each for the blue and purple lights. The gray light is $50. Batteries are not included. International buyers pay additional shipping.

First reply with "I'll take it" followed by PM gets the light.

My paypal address is

Thanks for looking,


I’ll take the blue one.

I’ll take the other two

Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID # 1L8603919P……………

Thank you gentlemen, I will ship soon.

You weren’t kidding. Mine arrived today. So far so good, I did notice a little flickering but I think the battery wasn’t quite fully seated. There was just a bit of buildup on the seam inside that appears to be flaking itself out of the way, so assume that it has disappeared unless I post something further.

I love the form factor. You did a great job using hand tools.

Thanks for the light.

I love mine still. These are so cool. That purple is fine!

Thanks for the kind words guys. Mr. Kloepper, please let me know if the flicker persists.