(SOLD) modded 12x XM-L2 6x18650 mod 7500 lumens Noctigons, de-domed emitters, 7 modes $125 batteries included free shipping

Howdy, guys. Up for sale is a modded 12x Kinfire 1200S. It has XM-L2’s on Direct Copper Noctigons. The 8 outside emitters have been de-domed. They are the larger reflectors so they throw well. The 4 inside emitters have the domes on because those reflectors are smaller and shallow and responsible for the lights wider flood.

For a driver I have put in a BLF DD that has seven modes. From very low all the way up to full turbo. It’s 7500 lumens on turbo and that is with the batteries that I’ll be including. If you used the super high amp batteries it would easily hit 10,000 lumens. This light is a real beast.

The light I’m selling is in like new condition, no scratches or anything like that. This is the light on sale with stock pictures so you can see exactly what it is.


It’s a nice size light that used 6x 18650’s, I’ll be including 12 Sanyo 18650’s so you have an extra set, they run this light perfectly. These are the batteries I’ll be including.


The de-domed emitters give this light a very nice tint and it throws too. In fact it will outthrow all but the very best dedicated throwers and it will light up and entire field while doing it.

$125 free shipping included for the US exact shipping for anyone outside the US

First PM gets the light.

How warm does it get on high/turbo?

Depends on how long you leave it on. Leave it on long enough and it will burn your hand. But it does take a while before it’s too hot. I walked around for about 15 minutes last night with it on turbo and it wasn’t scorching my hand or anything. But when I came back inside I touched the top of the light and it was very hot.

Any idea how much throw (Kcd) and did you find the light heavy or awkward to use ?


Howdy, On my meter it’s showing around 120kdc but that seems rather low compared with what I’m seeing outside. It’s not a super heavy light but it’s not small either. About the nicest thing is that it’s not long like a typical plunger light is. It’s kind of a compact plunger light is the best way to put it. With it being more on the size line of the Courie or a TN32 something along that size but heavier.