[SOLD] Modified Nitecore Tiki

I modded a Nitecore Tiki to make it a “micro” edc. I added magnet(s) to the tail, so now it will tailstand and of course stick to things. I also added a Lee minus green filter to the sidelight and now it has a really nice tint/higher R9. No longer has a keychain loop, but I have been carrying it using a keychain magnet, which I think works better anyway. Keysmart sells one, and I have also used the “fishing net” magnets.

I also have a clip from a maglite Solitaire/AAA mini-mag on it, it fits on the head perfectly. It has some dried blue locktite on it, so it can rotate, but it stays where you put it pretty well since it has enough friction to hold.

$10 shipped in the USA

I’ll take it