SOLD: Nitecore EA8 8*AA taken apart ,with some issues $49 shipped


Here my story...

I wanted to open the EA8, and put it in a boiling pan, when I finished the LED was gone..
It just came off because of the heat.

Then I thought i would upgrade the LED to a XM-L2 T6 4C, which I ordered at FT 1 month ago.
That didnt arrive yet.
I also ordered new AWG22 wires from Intl.Outdoor shop at the same time, also didnt arrive yet.
I lost my patience with it.

So I tried to connect it with just a led I had laying around, and something didnt go well, and smelled something.
I only had 1 mode then..
Not sure if I soldered something wrong or not..

There are also 2 little cosmetic damages, see pictures.. not much though.. just worth mentioning.
And oh yeah, you also need to replace the 2 springs on the driver board..

I will just put it on sale for $49 in pieces.
Will include a XM-L that I have laying around as well... Not sure what tint but if my memory is correct, it must be a XML U3... CW

see the little damage at 7 o clock

And here in the middle.

price includes shipping worldwide.. Economy arimail.

If your country doesnt accept economy airmail, I have to send it by airmail, which is a little more expensive to those countries than airmail to US or EU countries.

Add $3 for airmail
Add $5 for tracking

will write down the actual cost on the parcel,so will not send it as a Gift...

To the top..

$50 including shipping..

if you want to get 8 batteries with it, I can give them for $25 on top of the price of the light.. shipped. (only in combination with this light)

I’m interested if you can get the light back to one piece

That's actually the whole point of selling this.. no patience for this light... ;)

Would rather just sell it as is, then putting it back together with updated stuff, and sell it for more..

If everything works again, I would sell it for more..

how much do you guys want to give.

Just post that here and I may consider your offers.

PM Old Lumens... the modded EA8 he did is spectacular. Wouldn't surprise me if he does another.

Thanks for the advice..

But I just lost the love for it..

It comes in original box with all accessories.

Offers are welcome, and

open for trades as well..

If O-L had the bucks right now,he would take it, but he can't. It would be a good mod for anyone, but the cost of it as a host is tough to sell. Good luck with it and I hope someone takes it and mods it.

Hi OL, thanks for tuning in.

I might be wrong and maybe everything still works when it's put together with a new led. Just can't tell for sure.

I'm open to offers.. or a trade for 1 of your modded mags ;)

For prospective buyers, I can include an 8pack 4th gen eneloop, light and 8pack for $70

Lower offers Will not be for the combo including the eneloops, but the light alone.

For the fast responders..

Deal as a set with 8 pack of 4th gen. Eneloops for $69, shipped.

This deal will end anytime between now and tomorrow...

After that just, I won't include the eneloops anymore.

Light is SPF....

edit: light is SOLD

If the sale falls through I will take it. Not that I want the sale to fall through on the purchaser if that makes any sense.

Sorry.. its SOLD.... buyer has already paid...