This light is essentially new. I bought it about a year ago from Mountain Electronics, tested it to make sure it worked and then stored it.
I love the size and of course the tint is beautiful with the Nichia 219C LEDs.

5000k and 6600 lumens. Dark Grey.

Comes with everything as original in the box (no batteries included).
SOLD. I may consider partial trades. Not really looking for anything particular, but can’t hurt to ask.

Pictures no linky.

I just picked up a Meteor M43 and it’s my favorite light.

Seems like a lot of people have trouble with posting images hosted on Google.

I suggest using another hosting site.

Strange. I see them on my home computer, work computer and cell phone.
I can email them to anyone who’s interested as well.

It is amazing, for sure!

Possibly because those devices are linked to your Google account.

I always thought that it was because Google gives users really long URLs that do not end in .jpg, .gif, or .png

But that is just a guess.

I use Google for my pics

I thought google was smart. :laughing:

Okay, then my guess is totally wrong.

I don't know why some people's Google pics don't show up for all BLF members.

I just tried Flickr. Hopefully those work. The URL is MUCH shorter than Google’s as well (and ends in .jpg).

I see the pics...

Good luck with the sale/trade!

Nice. :+1:

LZ me would like to know the max throw on this nightisgone beaut, please.

I believe the peak beam intensity is 30,000cd or so. I can’t find anything about throw though.

√(30k)cd* 2 = 346.4m ?

I know its farther than I can see in my backyard… because trees are about 100 yards away. lol

Great light. Bright as can be. It’s a very very floody light though. Whatever you get in throw out of it is purely because of lumens alone. A must have in my opinion. Though I don’t use mine much. That may change once the weather gets nicer.

Floody, but not very very floody. Just perfect.