SOLD: NW Kronos X6/X5 SS/Cu - price reduced

For sale is my neutral white Kronos set, tested for function but otherwise like new aside from 2 or 3 small manufacturing/shipping marks. All are pictured and none are obvious.
If desired I can include an Efest IMR14500 for the x5 and your choice of a Samsung 25R or LG D1 for the X6.
The batteries were purchased last year and have 1 capacity testing cycle on each.

All pieces matching number 027. The box has slight shipping damage on one corner.

Asking $80 shipped in the continental US to confirmed PayPal address

Make an offer!

Having to thin out my collection so there will be more to come.

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What does “obo” mean?
Maybe some pics of it all can help (especially with dinged boxes and lights from transport it is good to show your higher then paid set if flawless right?), good luck with the sale!

obo = or best offer

I’ll post some pics tonight. All offers will be considered. I know $170 is unrealistic, but as they say you start high and work down from there.

What was the retail price of these?

$96 w/ code.

OP updated (pics, etc.)

Price drop. $90 shipped to continental US.

Man, I have having a hard time resisting…. I did not get a set when new, could not afford them.

May i offer you a drink :smiley:

(no one has seen fit to upload this Simpsons clip to youtube)

Now at $85 shipped US.

One last price drop. $80 shipped con-us.

Ok… Will take them. Can paypal after work tonight.

You’e in for such a great surprise. Those Kronos sets are crazy nice.

One thing - don’t be afraid to use them real good. They were designed to live in a toolbox, and to be used like a tool. I stopped babying mine and they’re so solid that nicks and scratches aren’t noticeable.

No kidding, I have 6 sets. I love them that much.

I have 3 of the aluminum X5’s and one of the Astrolux SC’s… I also have one of the aluminum X6’s and numerous EE X6’s. I really like this series… I doubt these will get used since I am planning to mod the SC if I can ever get my hands on the 9080 4500 or 4000k emitters to make a quad. I could not afford the set when they were issued, so I went with the aluminum set… but this seems like a good price at $40 each for 2 nice lights and can’t pass it up now.