SOLD! Olight M2R - $40+s/h in the USA only. Price Drop!

Would like to sell or trade Olight M2R. The light has never been carried, has some shelf dust, the box, holster, battery and lanyard. Somehow, I managed to misplace the USB charger. Battery has been maintained during storage. Price? Let’s start at $40 + shipping. Only willing to ship in the USA. The box has storage wear as well.

I have smallish hands and could never get used to the physical size of this light.

I am interested in trading for interesting AA/14500 lights, headlights or SolarForce lights and parts, GT Micro would be of interest as well.

Thanks Matt





Do you know what LED this has?
Could you possibly take another picture of the box? I am interested in this

Ill take it.

Just received Today! It is a beautiful light mattlward, thanks for the sale! It was packaged awesomely!

More than welcome. I do really try to accurately describe the products I sell. Most, except EDC’s are almost flawless.

That really is a nice light, I am only 5’7” with a 29” inseam and it was to big to EDC. I would have loved to as sometimes I need to reach out with a light. FW1A is serving the duty currently with an LH351D @ 4000k.

i totally get it. I've got xl glove size hands and the warrior is a bit large for mine too, but I will use it. Working on getting a 4000k emitter for it.

I thought about stuffing in the FC40 in 4500k, I love that emitter. But, since I do not carry it… seemed kinda foolish. I do have a Convoy M21B on the way with the FC40. Will be to big also, but will not feel bad if it gets used and marked up. The O-light would have pushed it harder, unless the driver is 6V and I never checked as I did not really use it.

yea the Olight should be 12v. I think that is how xhp35 HI comes. I'm working on getting a 4000k from Hank at Emisar, I will see how it goes