[Sold out] 8 Purple Samsung ICR18650-28A $10 shipped

True, not even sure if he made money on the single pack orders that's for sure! Flat rate box is like $12.35!!!

Not much honestly. I actually expected USPS Parcel Post, not USPS Priority! :) Mine only took 2 days to Texas! Faster than FedEx would have delivered it from CA. I'm happy!

When I placed my order this is what shipping stated on my order invoice:

Shipping service

FedEx Ground or FedEx Home Delivery

Thanks for having my back!!!

and an arm! This is the feedback I really left :) "Great laptop battery pull, Samsung ICR18650-28A Shipped USPS instead of FedEx"


Lastly, when will BLF get multi-quote as an option for reply's!

I wonder if this pack was harder to open because of all the chatter about how tough the pack was ???

It took me 20 minutes...

Normally I'm a bit quicker but this time I tore one end off ...Something I've never done before ....then pried /ripped the pack open .

One thing is certain ...

Samsung shrinkwrap sucks

It took me about 45 mins--I was extra cautious since I hadn't extracted laptop battery cells before. I scraped some of the wrappers but attribute that to my inexperience. I'll rewrap them before attempting to use. The process itself really wasn't that bad.

OK the wife is worried that this is too hard and dangerous to do. She read somewhere that you need sand, a firebox, etc. and that they are little pipe bombs. I’ve never done this before so I can’t argue against this and I don’t want to worry her but really how dangerous is this?

Also TY Siskiyou for posting this.

Don't worry man, these batteries have SAFE CHEMISTRY. You can look at the Samsung ICR18650-28A Data Sheet. They did just about anything and everything to the battery, and NOTHING happened. These are very SAFE Lithium-Ion batteries. Don't think you really need a sand box or any of that stuff to be honest. But whatever you do, just don't set fire to them!

I wish I bought more packs but I didn't want to take a chance since this was my first laptop battery pull. Happy to say everything went great, didn't damage any of the cells. I love these batteries!

BTW, the seller still hasn't left me feedback.

some sellers are just too lazy to leave a feedback :expressionless:

He ships fast, I don't care how long he takes to leave feedback.

Word ^


70 of these have been sold. There has to be some BLF members snatching these up. Anyone receive one yet?

Ours came, and they work great. Thank you for posting this great deal.

I posted that deal in a separate thread. Maybe someone who has ordered that pack can update it. Original Asus Battery Packs for $10

unfortunately all of the deals only ship to USA…
did none find which can be used from Austria

I wrote the seller to ask what cells are in that battery and he responded much quicker than I anticipated, but didn’t yield any useful information. Here was the response I received-

Thank you for interesting in our item.

This item is 8-cell 63Wh 4400 mAh.

Thank you.

- nbhddseller

the other batch was 5600 mAh. I think I'll pass on these

5600 mAh : 2 = 2800 mAh
4400mAh : 2 = 2200 mAh

As per HKJ’s review of the purple Samsung. The 2800 mAh is only if it is charged to 4.3V. He tested that and got 2600mAh. Then if it is only charged to 4.2, as most of us would anyway, it tested out at 2400 mAh. So really the other deal for 2200 mAh cells is not that much worse. It is also a very good deal. Worth considering.

Interesting point. The batteries would certainly have long lives after only being charged to 4.2 while I save up for a proper 4.35v charger…

The question is what kind of batteries in that 4400 mAh battery pack?
inside the battery pack is probably the grey 2200 mAh LG batteries :stuck_out_tongue:

Most likely samsung ICR18650 22F or 22P