[Sold out] 8 Purple Samsung ICR18650-28A $10 shipped

It’s still not a bad price for those who missed the sale :smiley:


I recieved 8 of these battery packs in the link above. They contain LG 18650 2200mah batteries. A pastel blue color. Labeled LGDAS31865. Not bad for a fairly trusted simple 18650 for $1.25 per battery.

If I didn’t already have imo too many batteries I would grab a pack.

Ya, after grabbing 6 of these packs (48 batteries) I think I'm done buying any more regular 18650. Now all I need are some high drain 10A+ 18650's.

I needed them for customers. They are too cheap to pay for panasonic 18650’s. So they want a cheap cell with their light and I won’t give them cheap ultrafire batteries. At least these solve my problem and I can give them a cheap battery that is reliable and somewhat safe or safer than the cheap ultrafire batteries.

48 batteries would be plenty for personal use. I like the panasonic NCR18650PF for 10A discharge batteries. They seem to give most of my lights a little boost in output brightness.

Again, Id like to thank Siskiyou for posting this thread and to the many others that have contributed their helpful additions. This has certainly proven to be extremely beneficial to most that participated. Good job everyone!!

(that’s how many I bought, so I can vote twice) :wink:

Anyone have any leads on anything similar right now? I’d need 8-12 cells 18650 unprotected.

The same seller still has a listing for another 8 cell Asus pack with slightly lower capacity cells. I think the link is somewhere in this thread or you can just browse his other auctions.


Thanks, I’ll check it out.

My first pack came delivered no prob, 2nd never showed up! So, duh, took 3 weeks for me to check tracking, but said a notice was left, never got it, called my Deer Park USPS office today - they are holding it for ransom!! Payoff is $5 saying shipping was short payed by seller... Hhmm. Left a msg with the seller - if he's not cooperative, guess will leave pretty negative feedback... Still $15 is a good deal, but $10 is even better!

Update 05/01:

The seller, ndhdseller, made good on the error in the shipping fee. He reimbursed me fully for the difference of $5.60. Looks like he did a flat rate envelope lable, but not on an official flat rate USPS envelope. I ahd to take pics, but he made good.

Just got my Opus C3100 V2 today and tested the first 4 of these Samsung cells. These were charged to 4.2V and had been sitting around unused for at least a month. The internal resistance test varied from 105 to 120 without forcing the contacts and read around 4.16 V to 4.18V on initial insertion. Discharging at 700 mAh resulted in capacities varying from 2450 mAh to 2550 mAh. I’m going to let them recharge and try to run the tests again at 700 mAh and 1A to see what differences I get. Wish I had gotten a couple more of these Samsungs when I had the chance.


I ordered the same charger (group buy), but didn't get it yet (not even shipped). Since the cells are spec'd for 2800 mAh at a 4.3v charge level, looks like you are getting basically the same result HKJ did fro 4.20v charge level.

Yup. I just finished a 1A run with the same cells and the tested capacities were all within 1.5% of the 700mA run. That seems to speak to the quality of the cells, charger or both.


I got similar results of that same cells in my iCharger at 4.2V. Terminating the same cells at 4.3V raised it 2700s. Marginal increase in mAh, but prolongs cell life as they say. My BT-C3100 still incoming. Those cells are genuine Samsungs.

Given everyone else’s responses, I didn’t doubt they were genuine. I am however surprised at how consistent the results were. I’m going to run the rest of the cells and also compare to the LG’s from the other deal. Guess I should’ve bought 2, but now I’m tempted to get a liitokala lii-260 to compare with as well.

I did notice that after charging finished for awhile, the Opus showed the cells at 4.18-4.19V, but when I took them out and tested with a cheap DMM, all read exactly 4.20V. Not sure which is more accurate, but it’s close enough for my needs and price range.


In my experience, it depends how on the specific cell’s holding voltage characteristic. I have tested brand-new Panansonic (many types) and the Soshine protecteds. Although the iCharger terminates its charging at 4.2V, when the cell is taken out, seldom did I get, maybe once only, a cell that held the 4.2V for more than a few seconds. They always settle to 4.19/18/17/ . The Soshine 2900mah I tested settled at 4.14 before I discharge-capacity tested it, yet it even got 2915mah at 3A discharge rate. So I don’t worry much about the starting voltage personally. This is the review I made:

These did settle to 4.18-4.19V after sitting in the charger for awhile, but actually read slightly higher after being taken out. Like I said, close enough, but it did amuse me. Another anomaly I just saw was the internal resistance test for one of the cells was 13, while the others were in the 100-110 range. Running the test again without moving that cell got a 107. I guess my C3100 is going to have a few small quirks.


Henry Xu has stated the IR numbers are just ball-park figures, considering the sliding contacts and various pressures. He said it is not a high-precision laboratory equipment and should not expect very precise figures. A few small quirks is expected I guess.