[Sold out] BLF A6 with Spectrometer report and charger! $19

IMHO the BLF A6 is still the best flashlight made to date. And yes, I have the FW3A too. I have 7 BLF A6 I use regularly, and will not sell a single one of those.

But I have a bunch of them that are new-in-box on a shelf. I only got each one out and put a battery in it to run a spectrometer report on each one for the buyers.

Only one style remains, and it’s my favorite CCT:
(2) “BLF A6 XPL 1600Lumens 7/4modes EDC LED Flashlight 18650 - 3D” with individual spectrometer report (5000K)

Here are the spectrometer reports - you can even choose the exact flashlight you want. This is the only place on the internet where you can shop by Duv, CCT, CRI, whatever!

I bought them here, and they sell for $26.95 (no battery included) today.

So if you get one of these, you are getting a brand-new A6, with original packaging, plus it’s spectrometer report, plus a charger, shipped from right here in the USA.

Here’s a pic of the included charger. As expected at this price, the battery is not included.

3 of the 3D and 1 of the 1A have been sold.

I’ll take a 5a. Pm inbound.

I will take 3D please. PM sent.

What charger?

Ignore the battery in the pic.

Oh, and I have this 18350 battery and tube that you can get to shorten the flashlight. My wife used to shorten the one she carried in her purse. But then she used it so much she wanted the larger battery back :slight_smile:

asking $3 for the pair

I’ll take the 18350 tube and a 5A.

$19 shipped?
I’b buy a 5A … and the 18350 cell.

Kindle …. you want the tube & cell? or tube only?

They are looking good in some shrink wrap! Everyone should buy some for Christmas gifts! I gifted some a few years ago, and they impressed everyone.

I added the spectrometer results to the OP so everyone can shop by Duv, CCT, CRI, whatever.

And so far only peg matite has sent a payment. So the selection is still great.

btw, the 5A are nice and rosy. And the 1A and 3D are nice and neutral.

If a 6500 plus the short tube and battery are still available I’ll grab them.

PM sent.
Update - I found a $5 shipping option. So yay.

Awesome - payment sent.

If any 5a available I would like one.

PM sent.

Quantities in the OP reflect what is on the shelf right now.
Some commenters have said they wanted something, but had not paid. As a reminder, whenever I sell stuff, it’s the first-to-pay that gets it. WithoutInk snagged the last 1A and the shorty tube/battery simply because nobody else sent their payment before him.

I’ll do free shipping on the 5A(4000K) since I have the most of them.

2 of each are still looking for a good home.

Updated quantities again. Only 3 left.