Sold out! - GBGB: BLF-348 - Classy and Small 1xAAA Stainless Steel light, with Nichia NVSW219B-V1 R9050

4 (engraved) please. Hopefully I’ll end holding on to at least one.

Can I buy one?.

If you can get more I’d like to get 4 of them. With or without engraving. If 400 remains the limit and I’m too late no biggie. Thank-you

*%$# How did I miss this? Any more available?

If it’s not a problem, can you change 4 of mine to clean, so it will be 6 engraved, 4 clean. I am 250 to 259 on the engraved list. thanks the

Who will be manufacturing the lights?
Are the nichias coming from IOS? Can manufacturer supply a picture of the reel label? With the direction leds are heading in (link), the changing landscape, I strongly think we should start asking for picture of the reel and / or documentation of the led source. GBs are where we have some leverage to ask for and eventually start requiring that. Get sellers use to it.

Really hope they can open up the GB to more than 400. It would be a shame to see it cut short of the numbers it could have. Perhaps a second run at a later time.


Hey keengeorge! How would you like to take one of my spots? :wink:

What happen here?
7.13USD shipping included without group buy and 6.99USD inside GB….

Good Day Wrathbringer27,

Thank you Very Much for your offer, but I am not currently after any more of these lights.

Best Regards,


I am seeing U$8.28 (quantity 1) on their website.

It has just been raised…

Please if the GB opened again please put me down for 2 with BLF engraving

7.13$ & out of stock
But I had to order one flashlight. And one rechargeable lithium battery

actually … it WAS in stock … i left the tab open on one of my browser in one of my computers

It was in stock, but not anymore. I ordered two from them yesterday, did not realize it was the same as the Group Order.
Paid 7.13/pcs with free shipping.

OP updated with latest info: We can go over 400pcs and decide the amount after I have inspected the samples.

Regarding the light being listed on GB site: They were just preparing for this GB and listed the light according to their standard procedure. It was accidentally listed as active / "in stock", which was obviously a mistake and got fixed pretty quickly.

In that case, I’m definitely in for 4, but I’d like to change to 2/2 on the engraving

I’m in for 2 with engraving. Thanks.