SOLD Purple triple Nichia 219 micro mag for sale

Up for sale is the micro mag featured in my micro mag "how to" thread here. The photos in that thread do not capture the light's true color. This is a purple micro mag, not blue. I built this light with the intention of doing the "how to" thread so I put a bit of extra care into the build.

The light has N-lite firmware which is set to four mode including moon mode with mode memory activated. The moon mode is not a true moon low as the light puts out around 10 lumens on this level. High mode draws nearly five amps out of an Efest IMR 14500 cell (not included) for a short while before dropping slowly through the four amp range. Output at 4.5 amps is somewhere around 1000 lumens of high CRI goodness (based on emitter testing by Djozz). The optic is a Carclo 10507 narrow spot.

In the interest of full disclosure I will mention that the light has a small pinhead sized flaw in the anodizing on the smooth part of the battery tube. Came that way out of the package.

Price includeing CONUS shipping is $60. International buyers pay additional shipping.

First reply with "I'll take it" followed by PM gets the light.

My paypal address is

Thanks for looking,


Is this still available?

It is sold. I can build you one if you would like to have one.

If I provide the light how much would it be? I was thinking of one of the camo ones. I do like that purple color though.

I was also looking at some of your other builds. Very nice.


PM sent.

How long can high be run for before too hot to hold?

The available IMR cells max out at around 650mah of capacity so total run time on high is limited to about 5 minutes before the low voltage warning kicks in. Because we're using a direct drive driver rather than a regulated circuit, output will start out high and drop as the battery discharges. Short answer is that you should be able to hold the light for the entire run time unless your hands are of the lily white variety.

Good to know, thanks