SOLD - QUAD Manker U11 High CRI

Hi guys,

I have decided to put my custom Manker U11 Quad’s up for sale.

Quad 219C

The concept behind this light was to achieve a high CRI light, without compromising on tint, output and efficiency. Nichia 219B is a great LED for tint, but its output is a fair amount lower than the 219C. By doing a tint mix of 4000K and 5000K CCT’s with the 219C 90 CRI LED, I achieved to get the best of both worlds, 219C output with 219B tint and light quality. The second thing that I tried to achieve with this build was to make a Constant Current Quad High CRI light. There are loads of quads on the market, but they all use Linear or FET drivers. Manker’s drivers are fantastic, and they take advantage of low VF LED’s like the 219C to maximize efficiency and regulation. Your typical Linear driver will burn off excess voltage as heat, and then jump out of regulation when the battery voltage is lower than the LED forward voltage. Sure, this light won’t blast 4000 lumens, but its designed to be a useful instrument that can sustain a regulated output regardless of battery level, in the most efficient way, similar to the Wuben TO50R, which sells for a pretty penny. Since Constant Current (Buck/Boost) quads are a rare specimen in the market, this host was the perfect choice. Having direct access to Moonlight, USB charging, programmable Moonlight and Turbo modes, great mode spacing, for me atleast, means this light checks all the boxes.

Condition: The light has been used, and shows some cosmetic wear on the body. Please refer to photos. It works flawlessly, and includes the original box, lanyard, extra O-ring, and USB charging cable.

LED’s: 2 x 4000K and 2 x 5000K Nichia 219C 9050 high CRI LED’s.

Tint: Rosy goodness. Zero Green tint, and rosy at all levels just like Nichia’s famous 219B.

Output: Output is not compromised compared to the original stock light with only 1 low CRI LED. In fact, it feels much brighter on Turbo but I don’t have the equipment to measure it. An XP-L led at 1100 lumens is not very efficient. You can calculate the LED lumens by referring to all the wonderful BLF charts available on this forum. The updated Quad heats up significantly less on Turbo compared to the stock, and offers a much higher Lumens/W efficiency even while using high CRI LED’s.

Beam Profile: The original reflector had a very distinct spot with harsh transition from spot to spill. The Carclo 10621 Quad Lens offers an amazing balance between spot and spill, and the transition is much smoother compared to stock reflector.

CCT Mix: The two CCT’s blend perfectly at any distance longer than a few inches away. If you point the light 1” to 2” away from your hand or wall, then you will see the individual CCT’s. The resulting CCT is a beautiful rosy Neutral White 4500K. (A CCT not offered in 219C LED’s)

Price: $OLD USD (Shipping Included to USA via USPS with Tracking)
Canada + Worldwide shipping available, contact me for a quote.

Payment: Paypal (friends and family) or regular Paypal + 3% fees.

COVID-19 DISCLAIMER: With the world going through this Coronavirus pandemic, please understand that shipping delays may occur that are outside of my control.

Photos below:

Quad 219C

Added a second Quad Manker U11 with Warm White SST20 below BBL Bluesword acquired leds to the sale.
Both Mankers use the Kiriba-ru custom spacer kit which is now sold out, Carclo 4UP optics.

Buy both for a discounted price.

Pavlo is a great seller. I recently bought a light he modded with a mix of Bluesword’s SST20 3500K and SST20 3000K 95 CRI LEDs and the tint is glorious.

Looks like a very solid mod! The price is a bargain for what you have in there. I would have bought it if it weren’t for Manker’s UI that I can never get used to.

@middle age man
Thanks for the positive feedback and great to see you are enjoying your light.

I agree, these are pretty unique, and even the Wuben TO50R tint won’t be as good as these ones. With regards to the Manker UI, some love it, some don’t. I find that if I am to use a Manker light more regularly, muscle memory kicks in and I remember to long press for off. I do like that you have access to mode memory and moonlight from off, and its very easy to navigate the light.

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Bro if you don’t know how to handle flashlights and later on warranty repair then it should be discussed in other thread, possibly Manker posts.

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i wish everyone better luck than i had!
[with manker, not with pavlo]

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Manker’s quality is actually above average. It is at least on par with Mateminco/Astrolux. I never experienced any problems with Manker’s buttons but I also don’t use them too often due to personal preference with their UI as I’m used to Narsil/Anduril. Just your one isolated case does not mean all Mankers are bad. I buy multiples of several flashlights and once in a while I see problems in one unit that I never see in other units. Just like cars, there is always a small percentage of lemons you will see.

for some reason, this thread is thoroughly enthralling lol

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back on track - good luck with the sale Pavlo.

I’ll take the sst20 quad!!!

Sale Pending.

Rosy Nichia 219C 4500K still available.

SST20 Quad U11 SOLD

Confirming payment received and now shipped to djans1397

Only 1 left: Nichia Quad U11 4500K

4500K 90CRI - 219C version still available.

I don’t see a price, just says $old

Silly me. I removed the price by accident when the SST20 version sold.
OP updated.


I’ll take the QUAD Manker U11 High CRI please. Pm incoming.