SOLD - SmallSun ZY-T08 Modified into a triple XM-L2 light


See the build log, for all the info.

Up for sale is a SS ZY-T08 that has been highly modified. It has 3-XM-L2 U2 leds, 1A I think, but cool white for sure. They are driven in parallel, using the master/slave method. 12x7135 chips per led. Modes are H/M/L and with 2x20R batteries, I see about 11.6 amps total. I think with 25R or the VCT5 batteries, it might hit a little higher. It has a custom heat sink and it gets very hot, very fast. It's putting the heat right out to the fins on the head, so the heat sink is working well. The reflectors are from a Solarstorm Raging and the coated glass lens is stock. You need button top batteries, flat tops won't work. I always just solder the tops of my flat tops anyhow, so that the positive is raised a little and that works fine. Plain flat tops won't touch the positive contact plate on the driver.






It's a flood monster. Not great past about 75 yards, because it floods everything around, but less than that and there's nowhere to hide. I estimate over 3000 lumens OTF.

Price is $75 - Priority Shipping included - CONUS International would be too much, (probably about another $15+). USPS has to charge a lot, so they can subsidize China.

Payment is PayPal oldlumens(insert the @ sign here)

First person to post here, pay with PayPal and PM me with your full name and address, gets the light.


What runtime do you estimate on high ?



I really like the side by side format for cells. It still fits the hand very well but doubles capability over a single cell.

I don’t know. My thinking is that with two cells, (no matter how powerful), they will be dropping rapidly from the first turn on. The voltage will sag, meaning the light will get dimmer from the start, so high really isn’t high for very long, but I can’t really put a time on it, since I don’t have a way of measuring brightness other than by eye.

I’ll take it…

You got it! Thank you