[Sold] Sofirn SP10 Pro with dedomed Nichia 519a

Sale includes original box and accessories.

Light has not been carried, was just opened for modding and photos. I removed the clip without damage (it was loose). $60 paypal G&S, I pay the fees and postage to USA, or $55 by paypal Friends and Family.

Momentary maximum output on AA Eneloop:

pic is a link to modding tutorial. Happy to share info.

I’m curious, what is the current price for a 519A considering the original flashlight costs $20? Also what about your firmware modding plans?

> the original flashlight costs $20

in your dreams…

here is the cost of an sw45k from convoy… atm they are out of 519a…

Oh sorry, I bought it with a coupon and free shipping.

Since youre asking me to justify the price (even though you are not a buyer)… here is the breakdown:

light 28
led 6
postage 4.50
modding fee for time and supplies, $16.50
total $55

If someone wants to mail me their light for modding, and they pay all postage, and provide the LED, my modding fee, including time and supplies (solder paste, flux, thermal paste), is $20 by paypal FF. You get a better deal by buying my light…

> what about your firmware modding plans?

That would be for personal use only, and I do not have the pogo adapter from gchart yet. Im still in the dark about how to modify Anduril 2, and install it. The process seems to involve at least 5 different pieces of software, that I have never used before.

I do not think it makes sense to sell a light with a non-stock version of Anduril 2.

This is a sales thread, if you have more modding questions, please send me a private message.

fwiw, the reason Im selling, is because it is a fantastic light with a fantastic LED, and I want more people to be able to enjoy one. I plan to buy and mod more.

I wonder how a 5700k would compare to the original. Dedomed might produce a better tint and the same/more lumens.

I have some 5700K 519a, but I dont have another SP10 PRO… if you want to order one, I will be glad to build it for you (if I can get it open), and provide test numbers.

here are the numbers before and after installing the 519a 4500k, and after dedoming it, for the light Im selling:

Looks like a nice flashlight jon_slider!

thanks, I think its an awesome Ramping AA light, with an awesome LED.

This revision of Anduril has the lowest low of any ramping light Ive seen… without any visible flicker, not even in a photo.

fortunately, the host was not glued shut
and the stock reflector made a great beam w the dedomed LED…
better than the stock beam

imo, the mod turned out really nicely

Light is now Sold!

If anyone else is interested in a similar 519a mod
I will be happy to mod another light, in the color of your choice.
pm me to work out details

Got this flashlight today and all I can say is WOW.

I really thought the old trusty Nichia 219b was the end all rosy king but now, there is a new sheriff in town.
This 519a that Jon massaged is a whole lotta Rosy!

And high CRI, I just can’t put it down and can’t wait for night.

The new SP10Pro has such a nice low control and does everything a good UI should do.
Normally when you get these dual fuel lights the low once you are on 14500 gets real high and there is nothing you can do about it. Not here. Total control.
I started it out just with AA to get a baseline and was real impressed with the output on high a well with AA.

14500 just takes it to the top.
Anyway if he makes more, jump on one and you will not be sorry.
Thanks and Waiting for darkness,