[SOLD] solar force l2x host

-Looking for trades. Can send pics upon request. These don’t come up often

It’s a 1x 18650 host in great shape. There’s a couple small spots of Anno missing. It’s on the head, a few of the squares corners are missing Anno. Very hard to tell unless looking, and think it’s common on these.

Looking for stuff in 18350 or 14500/AA sized, EDC stuff.-

Light has been claimed!

I’m interested in a trade or to purchase your l2x. The only edc lights I have to trade are a modded emisar D4 or a convoy s2+ triple.

Details on the d4? Specs, color, mods?
Can pm me details if you’d like

I’ll pm you the details for both the lights.

The L2X is still one of my favorite bodies.

I like it a lot, but don’t use it. May change my mind soon if I don’t a trade soon

I’d seriously consider it if I didn’t have two of the short ones & one extended already.

Very Nice! :heart_eyes:


Light has been claimed! Thanks all!