SOLD....SOLD... Nitewatch Seeker NS22 5000K PERFECT CONDITION


-Will ship to CONUS ONLY.

-I pay for shipping

- First “I will take it” gets light


-ALL sales FINAL

I have used this light 3 times.50E has 4 cycles[Discharge/Capacity test] There is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Why am I selling it? I am and always will be someone who LOVES throw. For the size it throws well [~ 1050L/100Kcd measured by Zeroair]………Honest to Gods truth,I have come to realize that unless a light has at least 200Kcd, It does nothing for me and CAPO!

Actual cost:

Light with 21700 adapter =$25

Samsung 50E=$8

Total would be $33


Light w/ 21700 adapter =$22

Samsung 50E = $6

TOTAL= $28 W/ 50E…….$22 W/out 50E.

If I had another 21700 light I would keep the battery.

Here is my Dilemma. The light shipped is 12.4 oz[First class limit is 13 oz]. The battery weighs 69Grams/2.4 oz which would take the package to 14.8oz which would mean PRIORITY MAIL costing me $3 or $4 more dollars.

Whatever the buyer wants will dictate what I do.

PLEASE NOTE: The edges on the tail cap were a bit sharp,I filed them slightly to get rid of the burr.

Comparison- U21vn———-Nitewatch seeker NS22———-E’Tac TX25C2vn

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I’ll take it.
PM sent

I responded to PM :smiley:


PP and PM sent
I sent a few extra dollars to ease your dilemma.


Dilemma got a bit worse! This never happened before,hit arrow on computer to go back on the USPS Clip/ship website AFTER Paypal took money.Completely wiped out ALL info. Could NOT print shipping label, local PO could not help, Paypal could not help, USPS 800 number was 45 min. to 65 minute wait! :person_facepalming: Had to do it again,cost $16 to ship instead of $8 :person_facepalming:

Thanks Inkidu for the few extra dollars!

Like with a Wife ——- Cheaper To Keep Her ——— :smiley: :smiley:

Arrived as described. Packed very well. Buy with confidence. I’m sure the shipping charge dispute will end up in your favor.

Thank you sir!

Paypal told me that I will be refunded the money for my UNUSED shipping labels after 30 days. :smiley: