SOLD - Solitaire Maglite made for a 10440 battery, with a Nichia 219 and TIR Optic - SOLD


Up for sale are two One Solitaire Maglites (The Blue one is left) that have been modded to have a TIR Optic and a Nichia 219 led. They run on a single Unprotected 10440 battery.

Here's a link to the How to video, which shows all about these lights.



Price is $20 UDS CONUS and $24 UDS International

Please post here which one you want like, "I'll take the blue one", so everyone knows which one you take and which one is left. The Blue One is Left

Payment is PayPal valleau (insert the @ sign here)

Thanks for looking


I'll take the black one!

I’ll take the blue one!

PayPal Sent. :stuck_out_tongue:

I'll send paypal once I get home in maybe 30-45 min. (Stocking up on some extra supplies at the store)

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It’s actually dark gray and you got it!

Wow, OL! 3 minutes from posting to sold out. :P

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I can't keep up! LOL

TL you got the blue one, let me go edit the OP again.

Once both of you guys get the lights and let me know how they work in the real world, with a 10440, (don't worry if they don't, I'll reimburse), then I may look at doing a small run of these if there is interest.

NOT FAIR…. Need to pay now or I get them both!!! :stuck_out_tongue: …. Just razzin ya! I GOT THE GREEN ONES!!! HAHAHAHA!!!


I’ll do it Justin! Thanks for putting these up. My guess is that since you did the mod they will be fine! Nice work…AGAIN!! Dan.

Received it today but my battery for it probably won't arrive until monday or tuesday. :'( Looks pretty awesome though. :D