(Sold) SRK 3xXP-G2 De-domed on Sinkpads Modded JB-A Driver $60 free shipping and 4 LG 18650 batteries

Up for sale is a 3x XP-G2 Black Sky Ray king.

This light is heavily modded. The emitters were changed out for De-domed XP-G2’s on sinkpads. These were a very cool Bin so this light is still rather cool in tint slightly neutral, Not Yellow.

The driver is the JB-A that modded really cranks out the amps. Even with the de-domed XP-G2’s it is still putting out 2,600 lumens and it stays there because of the Tons of extra heat sinking that I put in it. This Driver also has High, Medium and Low with the strobe hidden.

For heatsinking I epoxied 6 large washers to the bottom of the star, this was then held in place and completely filled with more epoxy this is JB weld with about 35% silicon carbide mixed in. It was baked on and ends up rock hard with an almost glass like finish. This has excellent thermal transfer. It transfers heat almost instantly to the outside of the light and you can tell because there is very little thermal sag. This light keeps it’s lumens almost exactly at 30 seconds as it does when turned on.

The de-domed emitters give it excellent throw. 120kcd, easily four times the throw of a regular SRK. There is still plenty of flood with the 2,600 lumens. It’s a mini beast.

It comes with 4 LG 18650 batteries that have not been used. They come from laptop batteries that I just pulled apart and are like new. The wrappers are in very good condition and I have soldered tops onto them. They run this light perfectly.

$60 free shipping in the US.

As usual first PM gets it.

Very nice price for a modded XP-G2 SRK and with batteries!

Good luck with the sale :beer: I’m sure this won’t last long.