[SOLD] Sunwayman V11r w 519a 3000k domed

Sunwayman V11r w 519a 3000k domed, $125 w free shipping in USA

The light is New Old Stock, has not been carried. Includes complete box and accessories.
album w more pics

Paypal Friends and Family w No Notes please.

Hello. The sunwayman reddit thread says you used 3kK domed and the Imgur album had DC fix on it. You may need to fix the ad. I believe dedoming 5700K should only bring it down to ~4kK.

Happy belated birthday!

Wow. Wish I could have that triple TCR1! Goodluck with the sale that’s a nice one!

Oh boy, some nice lights, but how do I justify a 400$ light?

I will take the TCR-1. PM sent. Thanks.

Sending pm re. Sunwayman

Just received the Jetbeam TCR-1. Thank you very much. As always, you exceed my expectations.
By the way, the TCR-1as modified is a work of art and extremely versatile.

Congrats on your purchase!

Hey Jon, Sunwayman came in. Great job on the swap, perfectly centered.

I’d like to buy the SC21 Pro w 660nm Red, I’ll send a PM

AWESOME listing Jon! If i didnt just find a grail ZebraLight, i would buy that Tool 519a right now! GLWS

Thanks for sharing about the sale. Are you able to upgrade to Anduril 2 as well? PM’ing now about available emitters.

Thanks for word of the sale JonSlider!

is it on AliXpress?


Thanks! to Jon for excellent modded lights - perfect work, perfect customer service. One could not do better than to purchase from him. After being mugged by cereal killer I am most thankful!

I will take the Knipex. PM incoming.

Hi Jon,
I will take this one.
Many Thanks.

Wurkkos TS10 Black w Blue Aux

Just curious would you be looking for any trades for the V10r Ti?

Have an Acebeam E70 Ti Sandblasted in Mint condition plus cash or maybe an HDS Rotary??

Many thanks for the awesome little light :slight_smile:

I’ll take #2 Black 4000k, orange aux