SOLD: Tank007 E09, NEW, shipped from USA

just got my tank007 e09 from dinodirect last night after waiting over a month for shipping... in the last month I have found a few other lights that more suited me for what I was looking for so I am now offering this brand new Tank007 E09 light to the awesome members on this forum.

I tried it with a new energizer ultimate lithium and it works perfectly and changes modes perfectly.


I will take $13 shipped to anywhere in the US (from zip code 55423). paypal accepted or else money orders work too...

first "ill take it" followed with a pm here, gets it! feel free to email me at shadeone at yahoo dot com qith any questions or concerns!

I'll take it!


if nobody is going to buy it (at this price) from you, this would question the usefulness/quality of my (admittedly suspicious) review and ridicule me :D

maybe i should write less enthusiastic and positive about my own purchased lights? 0:)

Anyway, i purchased 4 copies of it, and i've even given them names, Amy, Becky, Chelsea, and Debbie Gibson :shy:

Will help you bump the thread if nobody wants it these after-Xmax-sales days ;)

Good luck with the offer. I think it's a fine torch!!

EDIT: i was too late, duh.



it truly is a fine torch and i was quite pleased with the beam pattern and tint!

just trying to narrow down my edc rotation and get some cash for some bills right now and am feeling really attached to the olight i3 i got as a gift from a loved one ;)

I just received the Tank007 E09 and I aleady like this little light! I've been carrying the Super Bright 7-2 as my EDC pocket carry, but the E09 makes the 7-2 look huge! With the well-used AAA alkaline battery I have on hand, the E09 is unimpressive, but with a freshly-charged 10440, it's much more impressive. I can tell the throw will be less than with my DD-modded Tank007 TK-703, but for pocket carry, the beam is well suited for a general-purpose light. I have a fresh set of the Ultrafire Protected 10440s on the way from DX to use in this light.

My unit has a decent reflector and a well-centered emitter, but the inside of the assembly is rather dirty. The emmiter dome has a small bit of crud on it, and the inside of the lens is dirty, including either a small hair trapped under the glass, or a tiny scratch inside the lens. I can't tell for sure which it is. Based on comments here, I think I'll live with it the way it is rather than trying to disassemble the unit...