SOLD-Triple micromags for sale-SOLD

Hi All,
This will probably be my last batch of micro mags until fall. I only did two this time as I have been unusually busy playing with D cell mags. I’ve used Mountain Electronic’s or Wight’s version of the FET+1 driver in these micromags as well as XP-G3 S5 3C emitters on triple noctigon. This combination uses direct drive off a high drain 14500 cell and the low forward voltage of the XP-G3 emitters to drive the light to 8 amps on turbo at start up, dropping to around 7 amps at 30 seconds. There is around four to five minutes of run time before the light gives a low voltage warning when the battery reaches 3 volts. The battery is only providing about an amp to the emitters by time the low voltage protection kicks in.

These lights also feature the advantage of a dual channel driver to create a true firefly mode of about half a lumen (estimated in comparison to a D25A on firefly mode). Additional features include a 90 second turbo timer as a safety to prevent damage to flashlight/flesh, a four mode user interface (Moon-Low-Med-Turbo) with off time memory, a tailcap spring bypass mod to reduce resistance, and Carclo optics. My micro mags are all built as described here excepting that I use aluminum heatsinks instead of copper. I estimate around 2000 lumens at start up based on testing by Djozz. Turbo should still be giving a couple hundred lumens when the low voltage warning flashes.

The sugar shack is at 60 yards.

Price includeing CONUS shipping is $65 each. International buyers pay additional shipping.

First reply followed by PM gets the light of their choice .

My paypal address is

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From the time you did the first run , I’m still making mine :smiley:

At least I’m close to finishing it , once i make a fet driver I’m ready to assemble the light :slight_smile:

i’ll take the green one

All yours, payment received, Thanks!

Which 14500’s do you use?

Windyfire high drain button top from Mountain Electronics. Efest button tops will work too but don’t seem to give up the amps like the Windyfires.

Hey George, it’s great to hear your making progress. I hope you let us know when it’s finished!

I read the micro mag build yesterday and was impressed with all that goes into these mods. The end products looks very cool. Wished I could’ve boughten one to see how they perform and look first hand. You have the process perfected kyfishguy!

I’ve got the green one in my pocket as we speak!!! Thanks! It’s a super creative build.