(Sold) Trustfire 9xT6 with 6 18650 Sanyo 2200mah batteries. $60 free priority shipping.

Trustfire 9xT6 with 6 18650 Sanyo 2200mah batteries. Now $60 with free priority shipping.

This is like new I have used it a dozen times or so for walks. It works perfectly and runs great off of these batteries. They are used unprotected batteries but the light has low battery protection and they charge just like regular batteries. This is one extremely bright light, it will smoke a sky ray king. This will also run on 26650’s but it’s just as bright with the 18650’s just less run time, but the runtime is pretty good with these batteries.

Free shipping US only. $25 extra for most other countries.

This is the same light.


First PM gets it.

Bah, nevermind. I have to back out. I really want it though. GLWS

No problem I’ll keep it listed for a while if it doesn’t sell or you change your mind let me know.

Just letting people know it’s still for sale.

Would you be willing to sell just the light?

Sure but not for a whole lot cheaper. Say $55.

so $10 for the 6 sanyo?

If you want to pay the $5 shipping. Well actually scratch that, I really want to sell both at the same time. It was more of an incentive for someone to buy the light.

Pm Sent

i’m just kidding, i’m really tempted at this light, somebody should buy this before my gf gonna go crazy at me

PM received still for sale.

OK price is dropped to $60 for the light, batteries and shipping. That is a steal. If it doesn’t sell soon I’m going to order a super driver and mod it. This light takes the internationaloutdoors driver perfectly.