(SOLD) Trustfire T1, modded with a single mode 2.8 driver and XML about 5000K

Hello everyone! First post is trying to sell something!haha

As the title says trustfire T1 which has been modified by a CPF member, this light is in great condition and has a great tint and throw, and comes with 2 trustfire batteries and charger (2 pin shaving plug),like this one in the link but with a single LED,


It takes 1 or 2 cells with extender and is a great light, I dont have it at the moment its in my locker at work hence no photo but I can get them to you if required, £20 delivered in the UK, a lot less than what I have in it and a great price for a moddified item

I think that's a picture of the exact light from vinhnguyen54's original sales thread. That is where you got it from isn't it?

Anyway, this is truly a steal at that price with 2x cells included. I believe it is a U2 XM-L as well described in the original sales thread as: 'Single mode Driver swap with 3-18V range. 2.5A. GREAT condition. Beautiful beam and really throws.'

I would pick it up but have spent too much recently and am still playing with my new Nichia 219 92CRI 4500k making drop-ins etc.

Good luck with the sale anyway, hopefully someone will snap it up soon :)

Oh, and I can vouch for vickers as a genuine and reliable seller btw, so no worries purchasing from him.

Cheers for that Redforest!

Thats the very one indeed

Interesting mod, from a triple Q2-WC to a single U2 XML. Does the larger reflector make it throw better?

Also what's £20 + S&H in Canadian dollars?

About $42 Canadian

Someone in the UK must want a custom built thrower with a great tint, batteries and a charger for less than the price of a LED Maglight

I do, but not till pay day…
I hope tr 1 tail caps are available, if it fits my x-550 then I’m ready f :bigsmile: or modifying that too.

It's yours If you would like me to hold it for you?when is pay day? PM me

Hi Vickers, my pm did not seem to want to go, I’ll try again tonight, but payday is 31/5 and you don’t have to hold it for me, if it goes it goes, no worries.
Cheers, graham.
Oh, where are you based?

Pm sent

I'm interested, can anyone link me to the original sale thread (can't find it)

I got a nearly identical looking Trustfire off of Amazon, but mine doesn't have the T1 model number. Proportions and all other details look identical. The flip side of the body says Cree XML-T6. If I take the extension tube off mine, body's too long for 1 18650. Guess I still don't know what model I have.

Anyway, really like mine so this should be a very good light.


Bear in mind that shipping to the UK was around $10 on top though and you would be getting the cells too.

Yeh, I have no problem with the price..just wanted to see all the details.

I'll take it if the person above falls through for what ever reason.

Don't worry, I'm not even the one selling it. I just want the buyer to appreciate they'll be getting a really good deal :)

Hey Red forest if it was a more expensive light I would definately give you commission, thanks for the help! have you ever thought about a job in sales?haha

Watkins the light is on hold for Gords, thanks for the interest you are back up if he changes his mind, this light is great and im taking a loss on it just cause it does not get the use it deserves, with the performance and price it needs to be a working light.

Picked the light up from the po yesterday, nice light, well packaged, real nice neutral tint.

I’m a happy bunny, didn’t use the magic button much last night, its the subject of my first koppo weave/lanyard try out. Cheers Vickers :bigsmile:

Anyone got a link for a build thread to this light? A quick search got nothing but it’d be nice to see the original build thread.

I can’t begin to describe how nice colours are rendered in this neutral tint. 8)


this is the sales thread, dont think there is a build thread as such, but the builder is a very helpfull modder who will answer any questions you may have.

How is it?

EDIT: Already posted sorry!

It’s nice, not had much chance to play but its coming to work tomorrow for a try out.