SOLD! UltraFire F-13 MT-G2 modded light.


For Sale is a modded UF F-13. It has an MT-G2 2 step, 500k, on a Noctigon and a large copper heat sink under it. It uses the MT-G2 TIR optics and has a modified Qlite 3040mA driver. Three modes L/M/H and memory. It takes 2x18350 and you need High Drain batteries. I tested with Efest and got 2.85 amps on high. It gets warm fast, but the batteries should sag fairly quickly, so high won't last long. It's a great floody light.




Price is $55 SHIPPED CONUS - International add $10 to that.

Payment is PayPal oldlumens(insert the @ sign)

First person posting here, followed by payment and a PM to me with all your details, gets the light.


MT-G2 in F13. Thats a first I believe.

Good luck with the sale. You probably don't need it though. Cheap MT-G2 lights are rare.

Daggum…once again OL creates another “yellow eye of Sauron” :slight_smile:


I’ll take it.

Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID # 86X0659

slow2go, when do we get to see your OL light collection. :)

I bet its pretty nice!

If only we had 26350’s

Thanks, it should go out today.

+1, I wish!

Nice! Was there a build thread? Link to MT-G2 TIR?

Maybe/probably one of the Carclo’s:

It was the Carclo noted in the previous post. No build thread.


Thanks for the info.

How is the beam compared to a mtg2 in a t08 or zyt13 reflector?