I’m going to thin out some lights for other people to enjoy. Here’s the deal, you get the unicorn light no matter what, then you get to pick one light from each row.

The total will be $100 shipped PayPal F&F regardless of which combination you end up with. No substitutions, ONE from each row.

I think I modded nearly all of them so I took measurements of the LEDs on med/high so you know what you are getting.

YLP Unicorn

The stainless lights FireFlies sold for a while. Left has a FET driver so it’s 14500 ONLY and a burner.

The e-switch Lumintop AAA lights, full titanium and full copper

Lumintop IYP07 and the unbranded BLF-348

Assume nothing comes with the lights. If I find any boxes or accessories you will get it but assume everything it AS IS.

Have you swapped the emitter in the Unicorn? This is a pretty good offer!

I couldn’t find it mentioned in my post history so this one might actually be stock.

I will reflow a 519A (dome ON) to the Unicorn if the buyer wishes (3500,4500,5700) - no changes to the remainder though :sunglasses:

Wow, nice choices!

This looks like a good deal for someone.

Great deal and choices! If I were in the market, I would choose 2 - 1 - 2.

Ohhhhh dibs if not sold yet!

Not sold, PM me your choices

I’ll take if available
Stock driver firefly
Titanium Lumintop
Unbranded BLF
519 on the unicorn :slight_smile:

A few minutes too late, sold to Bebo.

Thanks all.