SOLD WTS (3) Osram white flats CSLNM1.TG bare $10 shipped

I had to buy multiples from intl outdoors. So, these are extras. $10 shipped. They would come taped between stiff cardboard in a hand sorted lettered i.e. it doesn’t go through the usual electronic sorting machines. Sold as a packaged deal only to the lower 48. PM if interested

What project did you get these for?

I wonder if I should look into the D1s project on my own

I only wanted one attached to the center of a 32XP for a Ledil Seanna test bed. Managed to enlarge the holes enough so it would fit the pegs on the Fresnel lens. The minimum order was three. Originally I asked for a single Osram to be reflowed. After I noticed the minimum order I asked for another three to be reflowed onto a 3XP. Somewhere that part might of got lost in translation. I was happy he got them shipped when he did as it was days before the start of the Chinese New Year. The 3XP was an afterthought. Speaking of which I’ll sweeten the deal and include a bare 3XP.

OK… I call Dibs…!!! I’m interested!

Question, is this the 1mm2 or the 2mm2? I notice that they can be reflowed to regular XP-L MCPCB’s? Is it the same size? Are these the highest bin?

Are these the leds you purchased?


XP board compatible
Not the exact the size but close.
Not sure they are the highest bin. (Exactly)

PM sent

Payment sent, thanks!

Hi Alex, be aware it’s not exactly easy to reflow a 3030 emitter onto a 3535 board. Far from impossible but they don’t self center and snap in place like they will on a proper 3030 board (LED4Power) or like an XP will on a 3535 board.

Definitely doable but even I’d be warry of trying that triple only having 3 LED’s on hand… Aain you have to manually center each emitter on its pads and hold it in place while the solder solidifies so that’s gonna be a task with 3 at once!

I did not take the 3XP, I just need 1 at a time for 1 led projects, I might devise a centering jig to keep it from moving when reflowing, thanks for the advise.

Hi Inkidu, kindly check your PM… :slight_smile:

Got the leds, thank you Inkidu :slight_smile: