SOLD--->[WTS] Astrolux EC01 - You Choose LED (sft40 option too)

CHere we go:

Astrolux EC01

option A: xhp50 6500k or sst40 5000k = $30

Options B: sft40 6500k = $40

-1 light for sale, you pick one LED

-brown body

-FireFlies e07x clip instaled

-Like New, never carried, swapped led is all

-SFT40 is brighter than sst40 and throws noticeably further

-CONUS only

-Paypal Only (please pay fee +1.50)

-Shipping included

Oh for an xhp50.2 in 4000k!

PM sent, I'll take it with SST40 LED.


Hey Matt, only comes in 6500k xhp50 unfortunately because it's 3volt. Sorry bud.

Max, I'm pming you now :)

PP sent. Thank you.

On the XHP50.2 in 4000k (6v).... he could do it but he would also need to change the driver. No big deal just takes money lol, i've done that exact thing with the parts from Simon's Convoy store but it was in building an Convoy M21.... love the tint compared to the normal XHP50.2 6500k (3v).

Payment received! Thanks!

Max, absolutely! I have the s21b with 4000k xhp50 and it's awesome. And I had an M21c too. It's funny I never think of being able to do the driver change with these Astrolux with convoy parts because of the e-side switch , but that makes me consider buying one of these ec01 down the road to try that mod! Or maybe on my ec03, one of my favorite lights. I would be in love if that Ec03 had 4000k xhp50's, but I don't know if the multiple led on board effects a 6v emitrrr the same way.. or if I would need to have a board made for those emitters bc it's 6v and not 3v.. my brain hurts now. Lol.