**Sold**WTS Convoy M2 Quad Nichia 219C

Convoy M2 Host Matte Finish
17mm Fet+1 Driver w/Toykeeper’s FW
Copper Spacer
4*Nichia 219C LEDs
3400 Lumens
Pulls 17.86a @ Tail
This light was built by DB Custom

$85 Shipped US
$85 + Shipping Elsewhere

No pics for me.

They’re showing up on my end.

Not pics here either.

I can’t see them either. I think these will work though

Hopefully they’re showing up now, imageshack has really been sacking it up lately.

I love 26650 form factor lights. Wish I could afford it, but to many projects going.

I see them now, but there GIANT.

PM sent, request to purchase.
Aah man, I can’t wait to get this one! Wooo Hooo!!!
Thanks again buddy for another awesome flashlight, you have the best stuff!!!

Sold to jhalb


Congrats on the sale!

if DB ever makes another one, i want it! :slight_smile:

Nice light, I missed this one. I might be interested in one too.

Great catch. Very cool light!