SOLD---->WTS: Knife - Civivi Elementum (Carbon Fiber) LNIB

Hi there,

Back with another knife. Full marbled carbon fiber scales on steel liners, not g10 with printed CF like the cheaper knives. I had waited months for this to come back in stock on Blade HQ last summer and ordered it immediately when it came out in July. I kept it as my first shelf queen because it was so nice looking in Carbon fiber with the Satin D2 blade. I dont think I ever even cut paper with this one. I have the micarta and copper version too, and those get used a lot. What a great size knife. So, with all the new awesome lights coming out, I'm letting this one go. All original box, etc. I see its not in stock right now on BHQ, so anyone out there like me who was waiting on this one, snatch it up! Ill pay shipping, you pay PP fee. Here's the deal -

Civivi Elementum CF handle (W/ Satin Blade D2)
$70 $65

-Full marble Carbon fiber scales on steel liners (not g-10 scales CF print)
-Shipped with tracking included
-buyer pays Paypal fee ($2.25)


CONUS only, sorry i forgot to mention it.


Cheers to whoever bought this knife, truly a phenomenal piece.


That’s what I’ve been hearing. One day I’ll get the copper one. I hear it’s too heavy to EDC, but I don’t plan on carrying it.

I have it, definitely not too heavy to EDC. Ive done it a couple of times, the only problem is i dont want to EDC it because its so pretty. Maybe selling its in my future, hard to tell. That one i like more than the CF though.

I’ve got one of these, love it. I wound up swapping the blade and hardware with the brown version I also have. I think the shinier blade and black hardware really work well with the CF and I think the satin blade and satin pivot look better with my brown one so win-win! Congrats to whoever snapped it up, these are great knives, I don’t know of anything with a better action at this price.

Ok, these knives have my attention thanks to this post.

  • Do they still come in a 'coated' blade finish?
  • What was the lowest price that y'all have seen the Elementum sell for?
  • What's a comparable non-Chinese brand, if this is a copy?

they do still come in coated blades, just all of the special models like CF, copper, brass are out of stock. The sell out in a couple days and get released maybe 2 a year. They are a commodity. Lowwest price ive seen them sell for is $55 for the micarta and G10. $75 for the CF, $70 for the copper and brass.
These are original designs by Civivi. Civivi is owned by the WE Knife company. WE and Civivi are amazing manufacturers, just think they are the knife equivalent of the Emisar / Noctigon. or FireFlies if you like that better = High end budget, enthusiast driven, listen to their customers, pushing the mold, make ground breaking stuff and come out with their own designs, using excellent quality raw materials.

I'm a little leery of frame & liner locks and have become a fan (and owner) of CRKT flipper knives with the LAWKS liner lock. The knife that really caught my eye in recent months is this Buck:

Apparently, I'm too late because I can't even find a price for what it cost when it was available. Darn!

So, is the Elementum a heavy duty, long life tool or more of a collector item? Both?

Their locks are solid. They are both collectors items and a working tool IMO, but i wouldn’t say heavy duty. They are a 3” blade, so a smallish edc with great ergonomics. heres my favorite place to pick them up. even if it says “sold out” you can still click the link to see the sell price—Elementum—3614

Good luck, i recommend the micarta

Wow, I won't buy knives like I have flashlights but that site is pushing me closer!

I like the black pocket clip and I have an Elementum picked out.

Thank you!

Lol, your welcome… I think. They are a great knife seller, very reliable and great pricing!