SOLD! WTS: Like New Emisar D4 Green XP-G2 3D with pocket clip


Hi everyone, up for sale is a green D4 with XP-G2 3D 4885K. Nice neutral white tinted emitter. Received from Hank 4 days ago. Will come with a perfect fit pocket clip and the original box. I’m selling this because I don’t think I will use this light a lot because most of the time I will be using my AA/Eneloop light as EDC.

$42 paypalled and shipped from Malaysia to worldwide via registered airmail with tracking.

Thanks for viewing.

I’ll take it, I think. What’s shipping time to the US?

Normally 10-14 days to the US. You can PM me for paypal address.

The light is still here guys. I will put it as sold once payment confirmed and cleared.

Where’s the pocket clip from


I don’t get it. You’re selling a D4 you bought from Hank for $47, but brand new from Hank you get it for $40.

It’s actually $42 with shipping if you get it from Hank. I just added a little to cover shipping from here. Shipping from here is not cheap like from China. I also throw a nice clip for that.



I understand what you mean. But the problem is that the buyer won’t care about your shipping cost. Also Hank sells them for 40…

Harry, I’ll take it. Please PM your PayPal.

PayPal sent.

Curious which AA light you decided to go with as an EDC?

Sledgestone— your value judgements may or mnay not reflect those of the buyer.
You should know that these are highly prized lights.
Many of us would be happy to get one at a price within reason.
I have had VERY satisfying transactions with members, and I personally prefer to buy from
members/aficionados over commercial outlets.
( though to be fair— Mtn Electronics is both)

Is that clip from hank also and which AA light are you edc’ing