SOLD | WTS: *serious price drop* Emisar D4V1 green (first badge) 219C 4000K 9050 with 18350 tube

Hi there,

I would like to sell my occasionally used D4V1 since I really don’t carry it anymore and I ain’t going to start a collection. It does have some nicks since I dropped it 2 times and I am trying to show this in the pictures.

I have reflowed some Nichia 219C R9050 D240 4000k from Kaidomain since this wasn’t an option when I bought this one from intl-outdoor, the tint is really pleasant and not greenish.
Included in this sale is the 18350 tube in mint condition and a spare 10623 optic (the stock 10622 optic is installed atm).


- within the EU, 35€ shipped

  • international shipping would be fine, I first need to look up the price depending on the destination

link to full abload gallery

edit2: price dropped again. I have been let to believe that this one has higher value than it obviously has… and it is a budget light forum after all. I really don’t need this one, so 35€ it is

edit: price drop, since the price is indeed quite low on inl-outdoor. This was pretty much a limited edition nevertheless

I must be missing something but this light can be bought new for $40 with extra optic and short tube. So I got to ask why the high price?

I was wondering the same thing, i like the light and was really interested until i saw the price.
The only thing i can imagine is because they don’t sell the green anymore.

Furthermore, the light seems to be heavily used, with dents and scratches, so i will pass for 65€

The light has custom leds. If one is not able to reflow, then this is a good opportunity to obtain this light with these leds. Good luck with your sales marcus_z! :+1: :beer:

bump since I edited the OP

I ll take it

Just received the light, seems to be in good working order and is as advertised. Very nice transaction :+1: thanks marcus

I’m glad you’re happy and that all went well. Thank you for your feedback :nerd_face: