Ok this is the deal. They are real genuine Sanyo 2200mah batteries. They hold a decent charge and they work.

The are not as good as the ones that I have sold before. So if you have bought from me before or have some on the way don’t expect these to be as great as the ones you got. These are the bottom 30 of the batteries I got in. They were all supposed to be the same but these came in with less charge so I charged them and put them aside. It’s two months since I charged them and they are holding a good charge but like I said not as good as the other ones I sold. But they are still very usable batteries. They will take a full charge and recharge just fine.

These are the last of my Sanyo 18650’s so when these are gone they are gone. I don’t expect to be getting anymore because the guy I bought them from is out. Supposedly they are pulls from unused battery backs.

Lower 48 only, priority mail. First person to say I want them gets them.


if he doesnt take them i will :beer:

EDIT: If you do take them, want to sell me a few?

I’d be happy to, although I don’t know if it will be economical with shipping. Send me a PM. Thanks.