The three SRK “Good” drivers are the three terroid versions from Wallbuys . They have never been used and the 3 6x drivers are ones that were pulled out of various lights. All drivers are in great condition.

PM me with an offer if you are interested in any or all of these.

Shipping is free is the US.

OK now down to one SRK original driver and one 6x driver


Can you confirm what modes the drivers had?

Depending on what MRsDNF wants, id be Interested in 2 new+1 6led driver. PM sent.


They are all the same. High low and hidden blinky. Just like the normal SRK

Oh and shipping is free in the US and actual cost for anyone else.

Thanks for the thought troisanh. I have been told not to buy anything else for the next 15 years which puts me out. She who cooks the meals must be obeyed or else.

$5 for one of the 6x ones?

PM sent.

Four sold and two left to go.

One “original” driver with the three terroids and one from a 6x.

I’ll take the last two for $10 shipped.

PM sent.

Drivers are Gone!