WTS> AL Toolvn XP-L HI 4000k, extended warranty, 4x Efest 10440s

Looking to sell my custom ToolVn I got a few weeks ago. I love this light, its a great pocket carry, but I had a few things come up and I need to thin out the herd.

Lumintop Tool AAA host
Copper inserts into pill for thermal mass
XP-L HI 4000k
DriverVN2 - Similar to Guppydrv FET driver
10440 only
Very nice clicky switch, not sure if its stock.
2 year extended warranty purchased
4x EFest V1 10440s purchased from mtn Nov 2018
It has a DIY chain and drop clip on it made from steel #2 and #4 split rings

$100 shipped

Picture from my Reddit post:

In the spirit of the holidays, and to just get this moved quickly, $80 firm takes it.

For the record, this light is $125 new, plus a $10 warranty, and $12 in batteries.

Shot you a pm

Thank you sir!