Soldering practice kit

I just ordered a lot of soldering gears on BG. Do you know about any good Soldering practice kit, either on BG or Aliexpress?

Why not just order

Why not just read the OP?

I agree with virisenox, if you’re gonna spend money on something buy a real light. It’s not that hard to figure out and there’s only two solder connections (the driver will come with wires already on it, you only need to solder the other ends to the MCPCB).

Practice is good, practice soldering on old broken electronics junk, if you’re gonna drop real money just nut up and build a light. It’s basic soldering, not rocket science.

Not sure what you mean by that. Those are all AliExpress links.

OP, you’ll also need a little bit of thermal compound, and some tweezers.

A quick search on Banggood:

Disclaimer: I haven’t built any of these……

roughly ranked from very easy to easy:

If you are anywhere in the EU look at Vellman.

If you are in the US, have a look at Sparkfun and Jameco.

Ummm —->\_2161617.html

Try dso138 kit. Cheap, usefull, lots of solder work.

In the UK, Rapid electronics have good range of simple kits

UK website with a number of strip board projects.

You can buy the parts from them or source locally.

Isn’t that a little too much for a complete beginner?

No. Parts are big and traces are wide. You can rebuild it several times, change solder, flux, tip etc. Dont think beginner should start building flashlights if this is too much.

For the OP.

DSO 138 clone-kit about 1/2 way done:

Complete DSO 138 clone-kit check-testing voltage accuracy

There is also the improved DSO138 mini (not a clone)

Since you ask for soldering practice and not understanding electronics. My advice would be cheap, find some electronic device that no longer works DVD player, Radio, Battery charger, phone charger, Remote control, something with smd components. Learn how to unsolder the parts first, then try soldering them back on, something like soldering two wires together will gain you some practice. It’s not rocket science it just takes practice and experimenting and the right tools to work with will help tremendously. Save your money for better fluxes and solder or a heat controlled soldering iron or hot air station. My 2 Cents :smiley:

The OP didn’t say he wanted to build a flashlight. Just said he bought some soldering equipment, and wanted to practice soldering. I had to think about it myself, since I didn’t know what “soldering gears” was at first.

That’s how I read the OP’s post also but maybe something is lost in translation.
A soldering practice kit would mean a kit that contains items that lets you practice soldering, doesn’t mean he wants to build a thing. Just practice soldering. Might help if the OP could give a little more detail.

I want to build basic soldering skills and get used to my new soldering equipment. I do not have much of old electric trash to practice on, only an old stove that would be a hassle to take apart. The DSO138 DIY looks interesting, lots of soldering while learning electronics, though doubt I will ever get it to work.

I’ve had a $6 NiteCore Tube that didn’t wanna work anymore.
Disassembled it, 1 cable broke off the soldering point or wasn’t soldered properly.
Asked my co-worker, he gave me his kit. 200’C, perfect for this little spot.

Then I had to put a new thick cable as an antenna on a cheap RC remote control, here he helped me.
300’C was good on this one and I was glad he did it.

There’s nothing better than a real life tutor, if you can’t have that, check YT.
Oh, and I’d recommend soldering wire for electronics with included flux.