soldering resistors

I have now received my resistors, some 39K 0805’s
Man I knew things were getting smaller, I need a maggy glass just to see them, is it really possible to solder these ?

Hi tabs did you change your mind on the maplins ones,i ordered the same as the map ones when i saw the size of the film resistors :slight_smile:

0805? Those are huge. Yes, they’re no problem to solder with an iron by hand. Even 0603 and 0402 aren’t too bad to do by hand. 0201 starts to get a little tricky.

If you’re not sure how to do it - I can make a quick video. It’s really no big deal.


I'd love to see a video. All your tips are invaluable for dills like me.

Please do, I just tried soldering a 805 SMD Resistor to a 24 gage wire and failed, managed to solder one side but the other has proven dificult the solder seems to detach the metal in the contact

I’m tied up with something right at this moment, but in an hour or two I’ll make a quick video.


Going to be a little while before the video finishes uploading to Youtube, but here’s the link


I’m eagerly awaiting to watch with envy as PilotPTK always makes it look so easy :smiley:

Ha, I wish. This one might not look quite as easy - I had the camera right in there so you could all see, but that prevented me from being able to see :slight_smile:

These might be the worst solder joints I’ve ever made :slight_smile:

But, they’re functional, and it shows the general premise.

If those resistors are for a Sky Ray king, they should be 0603 size. 0805 is too big.

Video is up. Why did it take so long to upload and process? who the heck knows…

Yes I thought I’d give the 0805 ones a go, still 39K of course, but so tiny, can’t use them, going to get a mate to do them, he repairs electronic warfare equipment for a living so will be ok.
I tried maplins for the resistors, what a joke, can’t even get this right, they’re bloody useless.

2mm X 1.3mm I DON’T call that huge, well beyond my shay hands to do.
I followed the recommended ones in the other thread about modding the SRK, I tried my local maplins but that was a joke.
How is 2mm X 1.3mm huge ?

Just following the advice given on the other thread, using IN ADDITION to the existing one NOT replacing existing one.

PilotPTK. You make this look so easy. Thanks for the vid. Now to work out what is wrong with me. More practise

Thanks for that, PilotPTK… very helpful.

I wish you were a bit more local and could do mine!!
Great vid though all the same, thanks for posting.

That makes using them even more difficult… it’s hard to solder a bigger resistor on top of a smaller one.