soldering to copper help

hey guys does anyone have any tips/tricks or a vid on how to solder a bare led to copper

there is a ton of stuff on youtube, example .....

but the base of the led has electrical contact points!!

is this for your XR-E ?

You want to take a look over at FNF and ask Lambda how he goes about it.

thanks for the info guys ....its a bare EZ900 XR-E R2

if you need to solder direct to a copper heatsink

you will need to disconnect the 4 tiny Via on the corners

which connect the top through to the base

i`ve done this using a diamond dremel disc

to grind the corners off!

then you have to connect up on the top contacts

without shorting onto the metal lens ring

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I just mounted an XM-L T6 to a custom copper heatsink I made last night. I'll make a post about it shortly.

How exactly does the LED look from underneath? And where do you get copper heatsinks?

Looks pretty interesting.. would brass work?


Just noticed that at work, there appears to be a small experimental oven for heating / hardening tests for some stuff.

There seems to be programmable options for at least two stage temperature control and ramp up times. Hmmmmmmmmm.......

Brass is FAR less thermally conductive than Copper. It's less Thermally conductive than Aluminum, as a matter of fact.

Brass would be pointless.


Here's the post I did, knocked to oblivion due to spammers. Hope it helps.