Solution found! need help on neutron 2cv2 head disassembly

I have a thrunite neutron 2cv2. and am wondering what everyone else does to get these heads disassembled if they are glued shut.
I tried putting it in a zip lock bag and putting it in boiling water to to try and heat it up enough to loosen it. but i only let it boil for less than a minute. i did this based on some vague memories of someone suggesting that years ago. I then took a couple of latex gloves that I had laying around and used them to cushion vise grips on the reflector side of the head and then the same on the switch side seemed like I had a pretty good grip but it did slip a little and a little scratched as a result. which i knew might happen. but all of this to no avail. I have never had this much trouble taking one apart. granted i haven’t taken apart that many. I am just trying to get to the led so i can unsolder and dedome it. so any wisdom from you more experienced modders would be appreciated.


ok, here is an update. in case anyone is interested. I found a great way to take these kind of heads apart that are thread locked without scratching the surface. it should work on on just about any light. I was trying to find some way for my vise grips to grab the light securely without scratching it up more than i already had. so as I was searching around my work bench my eyes came across my hot glue gun and the answer dawned on me. what I did was put a nice fat bead of hot glue around the upper reflector side of the head and then another fat thick bead around the switch side stopping and not covering the switch. you have to make it as wide as your pliers are thick and a good 1/4 of an inch thick. clamp vise grips on securely and slowly twist. it still wasn’t easy but it did the job with no marks to show. and then the hot glue comes off very easily. now my dedome is underway via petrol. hopefully this will help someone else as well.

Thanks for the tip! I’ll try to keep that in mind…