[Solved] How to open up this ratchet wrench?

Does anyone know how to disassemble this wrench? Is the red circled one rivet and how do I remove them?

Thank you very much.

Grind them off. Why are you trying to open it?


You could also get a drill, center punch the riveted end, then drill it down to the shaft so you don’t mar the finish…still wanting to know the reasoning behind opening it up

So these are rivets, right? They don’t look like the common blind rivets though.

I am going to dismantle it and use the ratchet mechanism inside on my project - but they are non-flashlight related project. :smiley:

Thank you all.

I have managed to open it up with the help of the workshop person just now. We grinded away the heads and knocked the rivets out with a hammer and a chisel.

Thanks again guys! :beer:

pics or it didn’t happen


Solar powered nut cracker?

Interesting, pretty simple setup


Okay since you are interested in the innards of a ratchet wrench here you go:

I will upload its beamshots other time though. :wink:

Just cause I am a flashlight geek doesn’t mean I don’t like turning wrenches too :wink:

When you attempt to mod light like this you may need wrenches with different sizes. 8)

Perhaps we can make it as a school/college project for the students. :bigsmile:

Replace that very inefficient bulb w/ LED’s!!!

I wonder what 100K XM-L2 driven at 4A+ would produce (at the wrong voltage, it would make ALOT of smoke :slight_smile: )