[SOLVED]Intl-outdoor Nanjg 105c 3.04A problem

Hi. I bought driver from topic, max current no matter battery, meter or measurement cables I use is 2.1A. AMC defective? How to check what’s wring with it?
Best regards, MIke

Unlikely that the AMC chips are defective, but not entirely impossible.

More likely is either
A) Battery Voltage Too Low
B) Meter Wires (Measurement Cables) too thin
C) Combination of A & B


Just an idea...

I've had a "normal" version nanjg105c defective in similar way.

It looks like it has no connections to drive the 7135 chips on the other side, so I had 4 working 7135 instead of 8. I believe there's a connection hole somewhere on the board that connect this "drive" port to the other side chips and should be filled with tin to close the connection, but have not been able to locate which one.

Had no time to play with that and just left the whole board in the recycle bin...

it may be the dmm…

I had the same problem and I tried everything, other drivers, connect more amcs to the board, other batteries other dmm…

I finally used one of this Amp meters that clamp around the wire and measure the current passing through the wire and found out that the driver was fine…

Try this post. lt may have the answer.

Cables, power surce nor DMM is not the problem as I wrote in first post.
Thanks for the answers.
Problem solved. Hank sent me replacement driver board.